Should I Skip Breakfast If I’m Not Hungry?

Should I Skip Breakfast If I’M Not Hungry?

People always ask if they should eat breakfast even if they aren’t hungry in the morning, so here’s my answer. I talk about why skipping breakfast may cause you to binge and how to tell if you are restricting

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hey guys welcome to my channel and welcome back to my channel my name is Whitney I’m an anti Diet registered dietitian and body image coach before I get started make sure to LIKE comment and subscribe and then go check out my website I’m doing a few new things I am answering your questions via email you really want individualized support and then my second option is they’re all virtual so you can work with me from anywhere in the world if you’ve been on your intuitive Eby journey by yourself and you’re kind of like I don’t know what to do next or I really want to go back to dieting or maybe you’ve stopped restricting now you’re binging and you want to find that Center ground but you don’t really know how we will identify where you’re at currently what you’re struggling with and then work together to establish our values and figure out what you want your life to look like and then make actual plans to move in that direction that being said we’re gonna get into it thank you for listening to this lengthy little rant so I love the question it’s I don’t feel hungry until afternoon but I know I should eat breakfast am i restricting I love this question this is one of my favorite questions yes you are probably restricted this question applies to anyone who’s like not a breakfast person or like not a morning eater my questions for people who come to me and say that are are you abnormally tired in the morning do you drink a lot of coffee 9 out of 10 times people who don’t eat breakfast in the morning are unconsciously replacing breakfast and getting their energy from coffee and stimulants and have normalized that and so the body has actually learned over time to not get hungry and we restrict whether it’s dieting like conscious restriction or subconscious restriction a lot of times the clients that I work with are in their 30s or 40s are very extremely busy and are unconsciously restricting and so 3 or 4 o’clock you get that afternoon slump which brings on a lot of cravings or the evening sugar cravings and women tend to be because they’re not eating enough during the day one of the key things to balancing your hormones is eating consistently and balancing your blood sugar so back to this question of is it restricting to not eat breakfast so I would definitely look at the other hunger cues that you might be feeling and not acknowledging as hunger cues so for example a foggy head like being really foggy in the morning having a low energy feeling really drained being a little bit moody or cranky last but not least if you get to lunchtime and you feel like you are so hungry you’ve been consistently at lunch or maybe not every day your binge eating but you find yourself feeling like really out of control around food for the rest of the day it’s likely because you’re ignoring your hunger signals and you’ve trained your body to ignore your hunger signals long enough in the morning that you wait to eat when you are absolutely ravenous and at that point you’ve bypassed multiple levels and multiple stages of hunger before you’ve allowed yourself to eat so yes I would say you are restricting I wouldn’t you know don’t feel bad about it don’t sit there and be like oh my gosh I’m so ashamed but try eating breakfast and see how you feel and then like you know go another day where you don’t eat breakfast again and see how your energy is see how your propensity is to like overeat or binge eat at lunch or get really tired in the afternoon or whatever it is because you’re gonna notice a difference I guarantee you’re gonna notice a difference I know people talk about intermittent fasting and being like I’ve never had much energy in my life but like I also guaranteed that those people who have never had so many so much energy in their life the majority of them it stops working and they stop talking about it like I used to have so much energy because of intermittent fasting I just like couldn’t keep it up and it’s like no it’s cuz no like you’re just your body we’re trying to protect you from continuing to starve not saying that this person isn’t eating breakfast because of intermittent fasting I’m just saying these are all things to think about like comment subscribe go follow me on Instagram go check out my website all the links in the description below and I will talk to you guys in the next question but I’m sitting here editing sorry the ending was so awkward I originally filmed this as part of a Q&A series but I ended up redoing all the other videos in the Q&A series of course but this one I really liked so I decided to keep it and still put it up for you guys it’s just you know a little bit of a quick intro and ending I hope you enjoyed it and it was helpful I would love to keep doing these Q&A style let me know in the comments below what you thought and what other questions you want me to answer in the future okay bye..

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