Fasting Vs Starvation!

Fasting Vs Starvation!

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what’s up everybody welcome to bio s 3 raw TV today I’m gonna talk about a subject that can be a little confusing because now with the fat loss pictures that I put up myself on my Instagram Facebook etc the diet guy in Facebook and biopsy training it on Instagram I think it’s Gerry Ward III and Instagram I can’t wear with you dress but there’s a link to it on the home page I’m getting questions about eating well I thought you burned muscle if you do cardio in a fasted State and it dawned on me that you guys are not talking about a fasted State you’re talking about a state of starvation which is a completely different thing than a fasted State no every single one of us when you go to bed at night so it’s they go to bed nine o’clock and you get up in the morning at 7: 00 you would’ve starved State and starvation know you’re in a fasted State your blood Sugar’s drop your body is slowed down a little bit but you’re not in the star of State now if you reduce your calories let’s say you’re eating 2300 calories a day and you reduced your calories by a thousands you’re eating 1,300 a day for a week now you rate a starved state your metabolism will slow down you more than likely will build muscle from pulling so many calories so fast and now yes if you got up in the morning after a thousand calorie deficit in your diet for a week you are probably going to burn muscle now why is that the way it is why does that happen because your body essentially doesn’t give a about burning fat it doesn’t give a about looking good on the beach it doesn’t care about winning your next competition it wants to survive okay there’s all these survival mechanisms and one of those things is to utilize forms of energy that are easier to use first okay so now if it wants to break down body fat was actually harder to do then burn glucose it would do that but it doesn’t like to do that what happens is it actually starts to when the carbohydrates and glucose will run out of your system it will break down protein it’s called catabolism okay once it breaks down the muscle tissue on your body it turns those proteins into carbohydrates or glucose called gluconeogenesis it will get to a certain point where your body realizes there’s nothing else coming I’m starving let’s hold up on the the protein digestion here and making glucose because basically we’re gonna kill ourselves faster if we keep breaking down this glucose all this muscle dish is going to be gone and eventually your heart and some it’s not going to work and what it does is it starts to break down body fat use ketones and body fat for energy ok so what’s gonna happen is after all of your body fat is gone and you’re still starving so this is like if you’re in a desert starving your ass off for weeks at a time once your body fat levels get to the pub there’s nothing left to use it’ll go back to the muscle until you finally start off and pretty much dead this is what we saw in the concentration camps in World War two and stuff those guys when they came out of the concentration camps were so lean but so small it you could almost see was something we could see their skeletons because of the fact that it showed up all the fat and then chewed up all of their muscle tissue that’s a starvation mode ok going to fasting mode from not eating overnight is not the same thing ok so there’s a you know confusion and misconception that starvation is fasting now I do feel like if you push the fasting too far that it does become a semi starvation mode ok when you’re asleep your body actually slows down while you’re asleep if you’re awake and you’re fasting there’s definitely gonna be a different chain reaction that happens that causes different results now if you’re over and over again doing this where you’re fasting for like 20 hours a day and eating for 4 which is an intermittent fasting type thing I do believe that the body has a tendency to want to burn muscle before it wants to burn fat some people think well you know it’s not true I tried it here’s the bottom line everybody everybody everybody who does this intermittent fasting doesn’t have big muscles ok they’re maybe 150 pounds under 6 pounds max which to me that’s not a big person that’s not a big muscular bodybuilder by any means or any stretch of the imagination and even some of these power lifters like there was a pro power lifter strong man named Mark Bell mark Bell smelly smelly know whichever one that one was and you know Lena laia Mc. Donald jumped in and kind of gave me some about oh you don’t think the you know the carb backloading intermittent fascinating stuff works look at the you know the bell guys smelly yeah he lost like 30 pounds of muscle he looks totally different we saw him in 2011 at the Arnold or 2012 vo some 2012 the owner he’s gigantic huge thick massive yes a little bit on the fat side he was a power lift up then we saw him in 2013 at the Arnold not only was he leaner but he was downsized the hell of a lot smaller because he has lost that muscle and now he’s gone from the powerful thing into the Cross. Fit stuff which is not so much power and strength he’s weaker but he’s workin on dirt type stuff in being strong he means he lost strength he lost muscle mass so even in that rare instance of somebody who is well known and talks about taking drugs has lost muscle on the fasting which the fasting he’s gone to the point of being starvation that’s how it works okay so know if you do cardio in a fasted state you will absolutely not burn muscle well I shouldn’t say that it could happen to some people fast metabolisms I can definitely see you putting too much effort into cardio and having the intensity too high so where the body can’t keep up and it will start breaking down muscle tissue so there’s like that balance you have to know how much car do you to do what type of cardio to do when to call it quits you have to keep an eye on all the stuff and monitor to make sure that you’re not losing muscle but just because you get on the treadmill in the morning it walk at 2.5 for 20 minutes does not mean that you’re burning muscle it’s burning up your metabolism or losing any other muscle at all doesn’t mean you’re tapping into fat stores possibly it does but it does mean it’s increasing your metabolism for the rest of the day and that’s part of the reason why we all do it now again I put up some pictures to prove my arms my shoulders my traps my chest all that stuff is the same size as when I was 250 at 188 pounds of what I wound up at but my waist came down my neck came down and my inner thighs the places where I store all the fat so the fat came off in the muscle state which means obviously I did not starve obviously it didn’t matter how fast I dropped the weight it the whole process being it dropped fat maintain muscle mass okay and the main reason for that people go drugs lots of people the drug that can’t do what I just did okay part of it genetics could be but the other part of it excuse me the other part of it is the weight training that I do to failure which some of you have seen in my videos you laugh at it but training that intense helps me maintain my mass while dieting by Austria training at gmail. com leave comments down below WWE train calm to the blog and we’re out..

People make fasting more complicated than it needs to be. We believe in keeping it simple and seeing results – you can always experiment after that. If you’re new here make sure and take a look at our free audiobook offer Eat Stop Eat Making Fasting Simple Again (And Seeing Real Results).

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