16/8 Intermittent Fasting Top 5 Reasons To Use This Method

16/8 Intermittent Fasting Top 5 Reasons To Use This Method

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what is going on I for this is your boy Edward V in today we’re going to talk about the top 5 reasons why you should do the in a minute fasting system 16 8 method which is also called the lean gains method stay tuned okay and before I go I know I look golden and crisp low I was in Cancun so that is the reason for this tan so I do apologize a bit anybody off because of the color and everything was different it’s because I went to Cancun now let’s get into the video okay reason number five simply because it is the easiest intermittent fasting system to do that’s right you are basically unconscious for half of it if you think about it because eight hours of sleeping or nine hours of sleeping or seven hours of sleep in whatever it is you’re sleeping from for half of you’re fast about half so that means you’re fasting consciously for eight hours and you’re eating for eight hours feels pretty balanced especially if you’re a newcomer into the whole intermittent fasting system reason number four although it’s the easiest to do you still reap the health benefits of intermittent fasting because you’re fasting every single day that’s right in one of my recent videos where I thought about 5: 2 diet someone got went ahead and commented on the video stating I don’t like hearing people talk about things they know nothing of I’ve experienced the 5: 2 diet I love the fact to diet and I was able to lose weight on the 5: 2 diet I never said the 5: 2 diet isn’t work I never said it doesn’t let you lose weight now on the contrary I did see it worked and I did say let’s you lose weight what my argument was was the health benefits of fasting every day when you do the 5/2 which is where you don’t catch for five days a week in your own expense for two days a week does it allow you to reap the benefits every single day thus this one which is much easier in my opinion to do than the 5: 2 diet also allows you to read those health benefits of fasting every single day which is just as important as losing weight reason number three for a lot of people traditional meal structures of breakfast lunch and dinner is very important and guess what the 16 8 is a fasting system where you can actually sleep in the traditional meal structure of breakfast lunch dinner how do you do this well you can put it at 12 for the breakfast or 11 if you want to get it in the a. m. and then you can stretch it from 11: 00 all the way up until about 7: 00 p. m. so I’ll let you do breakfast at 11: 00 or 12: 00 if we’re going to do 11: 00 at 7: 00 breakfast lunch in the middle could be 2: 30 3: 00 and then at 6: 30 there you go you get your final dinner so breakfast lunch and dinner all can be structured thrown in there if you have that traditional monitor that you need to have those things but you want to do intermittent fasting you can go ahead and do that with the 16: 8 method reason number two it’s a gateway intermittent fasting system to all other more intense intermittent fasting system now don’t get me wrong if you do not want to change your system from 16: 8 you do not have to 16a as stated before it does give you the health benefits does give you everything you need to lose weight but of course the longer you fast a more body fat you’ll be burning and targeting so if you wanted to increase the fasting time and decrease the feeding time the eating time you can do so it’s up to you but this system allows you to kind of have that gateway to get into the rhythm of fasting so it later down the line if you want it to go that route you can go ahead and try to do a smaller time frame maybe the warrior diet I don’t know and reason number one reason number one is because the transition from eating normally to fasting if you’ve never done it before and in my experience for me seeing others trying to do the intermittent fasting system I’ve noticed that the best and easiest transition from not asking to fasting is the 16: 8 method first people who cannot fathom it cannot understand the concept of fasting or even you know how daunting fasting can be the thought of fasting for someone who doesn’t they wanted to enter the whole intermittent fasting realm the sixteen eight lets them do that very very easily once they start rationalizing it and thinking well hey sometimes I do skip breakfast and sometimes I don’t eat really past nine o’clock maybe I push that a few hours before nine and then just consistently do that every day hey you know what I think I can pull off the sixteen eight method this method is the best method for a beginner so if you have that feeling that fasting is just too difficult go ahead and try the sixteen eight method you might find and it isn’t as difficult as you once thought now I’m going to go ahead and run that down for you one more time at number five it is basically the easiest to do although it’s easy you get to fast every day which means you get to reap the health benefits of intermittent fasting number three if you’re a person who likes breakfast lunch and dinner guess what you can go ahead and squeeze all that into your fasting and eating window with the 16 8 method number two it is the gateway intermittent fasting system that allows you to break through and finally start the process so that you can eventually get to a more intense version like the four hours of eating with 20 hours of fasting if you so choose and number one it is the easiest for someone who has not fasted to go right into this method other than any other intermittent fasting methods that exist you could literally just omit early breakfast do a later breakfast and stop eating at seven o’clock and chill that this one is without a doubt the easiest method to enter you still get the weight loss benefits and the health benefits of intermittent fasting part of beat those are the top five reasons why you should be doing the 16/8 lean gains method hopefully this video will help a lot of people out I know a lot of people have questions about what’s the easiest what should i do what’s the 16/8 what’s the benefits of doing a 16 8 versus the other intermittent fasting systems and I just answered that question for you if you have any other questions any other videos that I’ve had in the past I will have one right here and also I will have a subscribe button right here so please subscribe I would gladly appreciate it and I will see you guys next week have a great one..

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