Why Does Intermittent Fasting Stop Working ?

Why Does Intermittent Fasting Stop Working ?

Has intermittent fasting stop working for you? Why do you think that is? and can it be fixed? Do you have to leave intermittent fasting all together, has it ruined your metabolism? I tackle what the heart of the matter is when intermittent fasting and what you can do if intermittent fasting has stopped working for you.

People make fasting more complicated than it needs to be. We believe in keeping it simple and seeing results – you can always experiment after that. If you’re new here make sure and take a look at our free audiobook offer Eat Stop Eat Making Fasting Simple Again (And Seeing Real Results).

* I’m not a nutritionist nor am I a doctor all information given has been gathered by personal experience and information that I researched and compiled over the years. Always consult a physician before starting a new diet, eating regiment, or workout plan.

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what is going on Ivor is this your boy Edward V and today we’re gonna talk about why does intermittent fasting stop working this is a question that I get a lot from a lot of people who tell me hey I started intermittent fasting it was great for the first week first month but then it stopped working how do I get it to work again and is this normal for me I’m gonna tackle that question in this video stay tuned hey guys before I start this video I’m currently editing it I just want to mention that this video is sponsored by me flies Fitness yes partnered with T spring and some of you have already noticed there’s basically a shop shelf right on the bottom of every single video and you can actually click that shop shelf and go and get the t’s yes I put these designs together myself using Photoshop personally my favorite is the long sleeve tee the yellow and I know you guys have been asking for the if’ warrior t shirt not to come back so I have made a triumphant return to t spring in conjunction with so it’s super cool more t shirts will come out but I definitely wanted to make sure that I have warrior shirts or out first so if you’re interested in one of those tees you can go ahead and click down at the bottom there’s a variety of colors that you can choose from you’ll be able to show your pride as an if’ warrior that’s it now let’s go back to the video okay I’m going to jump quickly right into tackling this question why does intermittent fasting stop working now I want to say right off the back that intermittent fasting the health benefits that come with intermittent fasting because usually a lot of times when people tell me what why has intermittent fasting stopped working for me what they’re referring to is weight loss they’re simplifying it and they’re just looking at one aspect of intermittent fasting there are multiple aspects of intermittent fasting the health benefits as well as the fat loss that coincides with the weight loss so for the health benefits itself those things will still be activating the otology the HGH increase the cleansing of the body the healing of the gut microbiome all those things will still activate when you fast so in terms of the health benefits nothing has stopped with that when you do intermittent fasting now when you’re referring to the weight loss there’s different things that you have to look at in that respect as well so if you’re asking me if it stopped because you’re not losing weight anymore you may still actually be losing fat you still may be losing fat but under the fact that you’re losing fat the scale has increased because maybe water weights has gone up some people go through different cycles of retaining water releasing water when you release the water that’s the bush effect where you can go to sleep and wake up and all of a sudden you lost seven pounds believe me you did not lose seven pounds of body fat overnight as that would take a massive caloric deficit for you to reach that as each pound of body fat is roughly around 3500 calories so if you didn’t do 3500 calories times 7 the day before which would mean not eating anything and then running like a hundred miles at a four minute mile pace which is impossible and then trust me you did not burn that amount of calories so what about fat loss what about if fat loss itself hasn’t changed has it moved hasn’t done anything hasn’t hasn’t shifted but it did in the beginning now for you to know this for sure you have to do a little bit more than just your weight on the scale you have to look at yourself in the mirror take pictures on a weekly basis to see difference in body composition if you’re getting smaller and smaller you have to also use body fat calipers use body fat calipers to know if your body fat is reducing mark those numbers and test it the week after and just keep on doing that every week or every month whatever is easiest for you or every two months every three months is up to you however you want to test your body fat you have to have those secondary markers so that you know that body fat itself has stalled then and only then once you get to that level and still you’ve noticed that body fat hasn’t moved the body fat caliper percentages are staying the same the chart everything is the same then you have to evaluate what you’re doing intermittent fasting in and of itself is an effective fat loss tool it’s very very effective however you still need to be at a caloric deficit for fat to a curb and also remember what worked for you at 210 pounds it’s not gonna work for you at 170 pounds if you got from there to here you have to be much more strict than you were when you were all the way up here probably we’re able to do intermittent fasting well and without you know being so strict when you were really heavier when you were in obese mode or when you were just slightly overweight this is because intermittent fasting creates a natural caloric deficit where it’s a natural one an organic one if you will it’s easier to make it smaller because you’re eating it in such a small window so a lot of people can cruise without counting calories when it comes to intermittent fasting but if you want to get to that kind of elite level of richness or leanness that’s going to take an extra level of dedication or extra tier where you you’re focusing on what you’re doing with your calories and sometimes with your macro so you don’t have to go so hard with the macros but you have to go in to another level you have to increase your level from here to here basically do a little bit more that’s gonna get you into that like at the elite level leonis if you’re striving for that if you’re trying to get that love and normally if you’re just you know slightly overweight or obese you can come down with intermittent fasting without counting calories or doing anything extra now if you’re up there and you still haven’t come down then maybe for your body type specifically intermittent fasting still works still works well but you may have to already at the level that you’re at start to get more strict with what you’re doing in terms of consuming of food and and and putting in calories so animated fasting is an effective weight loss tool but it is not the only piece to the puzzle when it comes to losing weight you still have to add certain things now remember organically you can create lower calories simply because innovative fasting has you eating everything at a small window so because of that you can easily create smaller overall meals for the day as opposed to eating all the time so it’s going to be effective in that aspect it also Auto targets body fat that forces your body to focus more on the body fat than anything else in terms of reducing your weight so the predominant weight loss will come from body fat which is actually the goal that you want to to achieve but you also have to pay attention to your body’s fluctuation and weight that’s not necessarily based off of losing body fat you can still be losing body fat at a normal clip and gain weight and that’s because water retention or you can still be losing body fat at a normal clip and keep seeing the same weight because as you’re going down here you’re going up in water retention until you release that water then you’ll start seeing the real weight so basically it’s going to be like this you’re gonna release the water you’ll see the weight that you’re currently at with your actual body fat and lean mass try to drink more water try to reduce a little bit of your salt intake try to take in some potassium eating you know bananas definitely help you do that don’t go so crazy but go enough so that you you’re you’re giving your body the signal that it could release water and then maybe try to check the scale like two weeks after doing that don’t get discouraged simply by the number on the scale if you’re feeling lighter if you’re putting further notches on your belt you’re losing body fat the scale might not be moving because of so many different factors but just understand that what’s more important is body fat and you can wash away that water very very easily as long as you consume a lot of water and you don’t have such high salt in your body causing water retention I wanted to tackle that question because a lot of people have asked me specifically that exact question why does intermittent fasting stop working and I know that 99.9% of the people that are asking me that question are asking me that question because their weight loss may have come to a halt when they were seeing like super fast weight lost in the beginning I wanted to specifically answer that question in this video I hope the healthy guys I hope it gives you the motivation to continue so you can see it through on the other side and see that yes you have lost fat and this is most likely water weight or you’ve come to a position where you need to focus more on what you eat and chopping down those calories and I want to thank my patrons from my patreon and I’m gonna put their names right up here and of course as always I’ll see you on Sunday for another FAQ this ..

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  1. Im a 49 yo female. Almost 3 months on keto. Lost nothing the first 2 weeks of June and then BOOM since June 12th I’ve lost 9 pounds. Still IF and didn’t cheat on keto. I believe in IF and didn’t let the first 2 weeks of this month bring me down. Total weight loss so far 36.4 lbs.


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