Weight Loss Update ” 21 Day Intermittent Fasting”

Weight Loss Update ” 21 Day Intermittent Fasting”

Took some time away here is a short update

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that’s not very good good afternoon friggin was okay this is a quick update that’s cup debate okay show me whatever but anyway um I know it’s been a minute my last day there actually posted in was the eighth day nine ten and eleven today was rough on your girl um I’m going through a lot right now with my personal life as far as working and stuff like that and it it all got to me so in order for me not to go back to my bad habits of eating bad things and and self doubt and going into like all month it I just took time away from recording and posting I just needed a couple of days to calm down and pray about it and just sit and chill what’s wanted to get away with my girlfriend but it turns out things just didn’t work out the way they want wanted to which is okay that’s cool we’ll get there when we get there we’ll have a girls trip when we’re both working and the way I want to get and cuz Isis that’s my main focus this year is finding another part time job and getting the where I want to get to and getting my weight where I’m comfortable with it and happy with it um so I’m still doing my intermittent fasting I’m still eating healthy I’m still you know doing what I said I was doing first of the year well the first week that I started this just cuz you haven’t heard from me doesn’t mean I haven’t fastest for sixteen hours eight for eight I’ve been doing that I just didn’t vlog it like I wanted to I just I needed time for myself to get myself back to where I’m myself and comfortable with doing this I see that people are actually subscribing and watching and I love it so much so imma get back to it y’all seeing my subscribers go from the first city year till flight from 443 or whatever it was at the first city year so now I’m at 478 I am so close to 500 it is like blowing my mind I hit two milestones within five or six days of each other I hit 450 then I hit 475 granted that may not be much but for me it’s a lot because I’ve been trying to do for a while and I always fall off and I’m trying to stay consistent with it and do beat me ultimately some people think that I’m not this happy go lucky hey girl how you doing person I am I really am tell me for a light well you’re not really one I do want to lose weight so I never get that twisted it may not be what y’all want to lose weight like but something I may want to lose a hundred pounds or something like that or 200 be a healthy weight I just want to lose weight for myself where I’m comfortable at losing weight at so I just took some time to myself and I just took some time for myself to get things figured things out to not let life get to me like it has here this first this first couple weeks of the new year started out strong with vlogging everyday editing and it just I don’t know life got to me and I’m working on it so this is me like a little short video that I’m at that would so far I feel still still feel good I’m going to cut back on my fasting days I’m going to try to do it Monday through Friday and then Saturday Sunday just not fast but still eat healthy cuz they partner it like I would wake up with like excruciating headaches and pains and it didn’t really go away until I ate my first healthy meal of the day so I think I’m gonna just cut back on the days so you’re not energy is still fine and still getting my water in but I’m gonna just cut back on the days that I face and still wanna do 68 just gonna cut back on the days this is a trial and error with me I’m not gonna give up and just coherently just go back to eating and drinking bad things no I don’t get it twisted I mean track a couple drinks or something during the weekend that’s just me I drink socially so yeah alright fine by myself so yeah if you see Matt don’t come for me but for the most part I’m okay Dave might into living we’re good I’m okay I’m here and I go you see me so just they don’t just put all this together just so a quick day 10 11 12 update I’m fine I’m still here I’m still fasting I see a little bit difference I’ll take some difference fixed Monday and I also do a complete another two week update and weigh myself see where I’m at and yeah so stay tuned for that I will see y’all and a couple things I see on Monday for sure so don’t forget to thumbs up this video subscribe bye Pat forget just peeing father when I was because people came from y’all I don’t know like bitch I’ve been drinking water and I was drunk so nothing water and tea maybe but most part water water and so I’ve been drinking and these people just like hey man how you doing I’m gonna hop up today I’m not gonna wear for a couple of days but yeah imma go I’m enjoyed my weekend I don’t know I’m debating if I go to the game tonight if I don’t go to the game I’ll sit down and do a couple sitting there on videos for you guys that is outside of weight loss and yeah so stay tuned for those and stretching for me picking up back picking up my intermittent fasting vlogging everyday videos gonna start back up on day 13 for no 14 and yeah so it’ll fit two thumbs up this video subscribe if your name kept your girl get to 500 subscribers and follow me on snapchat Instagram then I may hit a little song something this weekend um I’m a guy so I cut it thumbs up subscribe comment below or hit me up on Instagram you know see you owe me money video pretty gang I’m out bye ..

People make fasting more complicated than it needs to be. We believe in keeping it simple and seeing results – you can always experiment after that. If you’re new here make sure and take a look at our free audiobook offer Eat Stop Eat Making Fasting Simple Again (And Seeing Real Results).

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