Weight Loss Journey Update & Intermittent Fasting

Weight Loss Journey Update & Intermittent Fasting

Hey Loves! Wanted to tell you what Ive been doing this past week so far and how much weight Ive lost since starting my fasting!

People make fasting more complicated than it needs to be. We believe in keeping it simple and seeing results – you can always experiment after that. If you’re new here make sure and take a look at our free audiobook offer Eat Stop Eat Making Fasting Simple Again (And Seeing Real Results).

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no one girl can satisfy me anymore your funny language me let no one gal can deny me no see me change shiny but why breed me a controller young soldier once over any man I dis we are get slumped over don’t be scared it’s in Gotham club you need to come oh but mother when i watch that either women before watch that hey guys so i’m back with another video and of course i’m in my infamous spot in my last video i thought that me being out here on the porch was going to be totally distracting um I thought you guys could probably hear everything but it actually turned out to be a pretty good video so I’m definitely going to incorporate me being on my front porch outside because I actually like it out here it’s so much better than being inside when I’m doing these type of videos so I’m just going to get straight into what i have been doing if i really go into detail i want to say thank you to everybody that has commented subscribe to me and as well as I’m comments on my Instagram and telling me how good I look and that I really don’t need to lose weight I highly do appreciate it but me personally I really feel like I need to lose weight for me to feel comfortable I have changed my thought process as the week has gone on I had a lot of people tell me as an advice wise well why don’t you just go ahead and lose some of the way in tone so that’s really what I plan on doing I’m not exactly sure how much weight I want to lose I don’t know if I want to lose just 30 pounds of the way that I’ve gained and then start toning but i’ll let you guys know when i get to that point I’m thinking maybe in a 30 35 range I want to definitely get some of the fat off my arms mainly my thighs and very in tone up my butt of course and my stomach that has definitely been my main goal now again like I said I appreciate everybody telling me how good I look and I do like some of the weight but I don’t like all the way so that is my main issue this video pretty much i wanted to you guys what i have been doing in this past week I want to try to incorporate all kinds of things into this whole Fitness Friday thing like me what I’m eating my plans my goals weigh ins so I’m not exactly sure how you pronounce this type of dieting I don’t know if you say intermediate or intimate it I think that’s how you say but I’m just going to call it intermediate because that’s what I’m just easier for me I’ve been doing this intermediate fasting and it’s definitely been inspired by the hodgetwins you guys like they’re my guilty pleasure I love watching the hodgetwins that give great advice even though they’re funny and they do weird things I do watch them for fitness advice as well as just watching what they eat and things of that nature and then of course the comedy end of it it’s hilarious to me so I love the hodgetwins I definitely wrote it down to be a lot more precisely intermediate fasting is not necessarily a diet they like to call it but it’s a way of dieting like a dieting pattern so intermedia fasting is a dieting pattern which where you eat your calories in a specific window of the day and night eating during the rest so far being on this way of eating I’ve lost two pounds and it’s basically only been like four to five days it hasn’t even been a full week yet I’m pretty sure it would have been a lot more if I would have fit my calories in the time window of me eating but I’m okay with just losing two pounds that’s really good in the past four to five days because it normally takes me a lot longer I’m some people on average looks like maybe one pound a week I think two is pretty good and it hasn’t even been 24 weeks so I really am happy about that so far so what I mean by the eating window I’ve decided to go ahead and eat in a eight hour period and fast 16 hours so basically I eat from 12 to eight or 830 between but definitely not past that and then I go ahead and I faster rest of the time until the morning until 12 again so I started over every single day um if you guys I know I do use my fitness pal to calculate my calories and to kind of keep up with my mills now on before I used it in the past but it never really worked for me but I feel like it’s been working a lot better for me now what my calories is is 1700 like 1710 pretty much I fit that in the eight hour window as well as exercise go ahead and fast for the rest this is pretty much my schedule when it comes to that I wake up break out I then eat at 12 and then I go ahead and eat for the rest of the time when it hits 8 30 i eat no more the only thing that I take in that fasting period of time is like vitamins and I’ll drink tea and as long as it’s below 50 calories as in drinking why’s your body stays in the fasting state if you guys really want to know more information I’ll definitely put the links down below to the hodgetwins video as well as the website that I gotten all of my information from between these four to five days and even eat in what I want and not being very restricted but I should be fat edrum daddy dress I’m definitely going to get back on it but it’s still even though I haven’t really been eating um the best in that period of time I still lost two pounds and so we’re on this road to losing weight and I feel so much better about even doing this process I’ve definitely done other diets in the past and has not worked for me like you know eating every two to three hours it doesn’t work for me um yes I do get hungry but I drink a lot of water and I drink tea and I’m definitely going to show you guys like again like my mills and things like that to kind of help you guys out there know exactly what I’m taking in and what I’m not taking it you can reach your goals if you actually follow what you’re supposed to do like I said I do sometimes eat over my calories I’ve noticed that and I’m definitely gonna work on trying not to I definitely want to stay in my 1700 range I’m trying to get back down to the way that I was when I did have my last doctor’s appointment which was I think i was at 205 to as my name is either point is at december six so i would definitely come back to you guys on all of the things with my staying grams because you know I have a lot of people who are actually following me from my mice and rabbits groups and people off of Instagram who have found me so yeah I’m really excited about me trying this new diet form and guys I’ll let you know if it’s not working for me if it’s still working for me or just wanted to tell you guys exactly what i have been doing these past four to five days we’re pretty much from the past video that you guys seen me talking about what I plan to do in me starting this journey and so far my journey has been really easy after like it’s been the best thing I have tried and I’m really shocked about that I hope you guys enjoyed this video definitely see you guys next week don’t forget to comment down below and let me know what kind of dieting things you’ve tried before and how long have you been on it is it working for you and don’t forget to check the description box for the length so don’t forget to also check my social media sites that will be down in the description box below as well as at the end of this video and I hope you guys enjoyed my crazy all over the place video and I’ll definitely see you guys next time bye..

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  1. I tried intermittent fasting on my weight loss journey and had great results. I pray that you have great results as well. I just subbed to be able to follow your journey and support you along the way. I wish you nothing but continued success!

  2. Just came across your channel and this is good. I am also on a weight loss journey which I am struggling with at the moment. I also started the intermittent fasting but I think my metabolism is really very slow processing what I eat. I also have a channel here on YouTube. Hope we can support each other on our journeys xx


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