Super Realistic What I Ate Today // Intermittent Fasting

Super Realistic What I Ate Today // Intermittent Fasting


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Healthy Vegan Clif Bars

1.5 c rolled oats

1/2 c buckwheat groats

People make fasting more complicated than it needs to be. We believe in keeping it simple and seeing results – you can always experiment after that. If you’re new here make sure and take a look at our free audiobook offer Eat Stop Eat Making Fasting Simple Again (And Seeing Real Results).

1 cup pitted dates (15 medjool)

1 tsp vanilla powder

2 tbsp peanut butter

2 tbsp pb2 powder

2 tbsp cacao nibs (or vegan choc chips)

1/4 c shredded coconut

1/4 c hemp protein powder (optional)

2 tbsp hemp seeds (optional)

2-4 tbsp plant milk (if needed)

In a food processor combine oats, buckwheat, vanilla, and pb2 and process lightly until mixed. Add in dates and mix until a dough like consistently forms. Add in the rest of your ingredients and process until combined. Depending on how wet the mixture is, you may need to add in a bit of plant milk or water to get a dough like consistency.

Press into a square container. Top with additional cacao nibs/coconut. Score with a knife where the bars will be and freeze 2-3 hours until hard. Separate bars and keep them in the fridge for when you want to eat them in a sealed dish.

Not losing weight on a plant-based diet?



good morning I am back from Costa Rica I did not plan on filming today this is why I have no makeup on and I don’t really care I’m trying to like just embrace my natural beauty I’m just kidding sometimes I really do like wearing makeup it’s actually noon right now I haven’t eaten anything today and one thing that I’ve noticed that I wanted to talk about with you guys since I stopped calorie counting and getting more in tune with my two t’v hunger is I have been intermittent fasting like naturally every day until like noon or 1: 00 and I think that the reason for that is because first of all I’m not hungry I prefer to eat the majority of my calories at night because it helps me sleep well so I my biggest meal has always been dinner I love eating at night I don’t know what it is just something that I really like doing is just like chilling at night eating a really wholesome meal if I go to bed even slightly hungry I don’t sleep well so I’ve always just eaten the majority of my calories at night so when I was counting calories and I was forcing myself to have like a smoothie or oatmeal or whatever in the morning I was just like it it’s like it started my digestive system and I would just be so hungry for the rest of the day whereas if I don’t eat anything and I just drink water and I have like my herbal teas and stuff like that I am not hungry whatsoever I don’t really know what’s with that I would like to do more research but if you guys any of you intermittent fast or have any information on it please leave a comment below because I’m very interested in it the reason that I did not plan on filming today was because this entire morning I’ve been cleaning like a crazy person I clean literally the entire house top to bottom and it’s already messing again because I have five animals and they’re messy cleaned out the garden I went for a walk it is so muggy here because it ranged so much last night like I just feel like I’m melting the thing that I love about living in Arizona is the dry weather so when it’s like this I hate it I hate it I just I’m really glad we never moved to Hawaii because I couldn’t live in a place like this all the time and we got an inch and a half of rain last night in the matter of an hour and it was like rivers flowing around here it’s not my Instagram story oh my god it was so funny I had this tanning oil that was behind the house and I went to get the mail today and it was literally all the way down by the mailbox which is half a mile away that’s how far the river wash brought it and I was just like laughing so hard that this was like down in front of the mailbox anyways now it’s noon I’m sure about that I’m I’m done with this it’ll be one o’clock I have this idea to make healthy Clif bars and I don’t really know what flavor it’s gonna be because I want like peanut butter chocolate coconut flavored Clif bars I love Clif bars I have to tell you and my favorite flavor is white chocolate macadamia nut but Clif bars they’re not I mean they’re not very healthy for you like sure if you are in a pinch it’s a great vegan snack to get but one of the main ingredients in Clif bars is actually soy protein isolate which is a goy Trojan right so if you have any tyroid issues if you have any troubles losing weight one of the main things you should be staying away from is boi Trojans but soy protein isolate is like top of the top of them all and it’s a very processed food basically they take the protein of soy and isolate it which is why it’s called soy protein isolate genius name the other big thing with soy protein isolate is it raises your igf 1 levels which can dramatically increase aging the aging process and can be very very it can make it really difficult to lose weight because what’s happening is your insulin is getting all jacked up by this concentrated source of protein it can cause you to become my ravenous Li hungry so you might be thinking like if I eat this Clif Bar I am going to be able to hold myself over to lunch but typically what its gonna end up doing is just like causing you to crave junk food and more food and things because your insulin levels are now all jacked up so let’s make these Clif bars I’m going to do this just um I’m winging this so I’ll put the exact ingredients my amounts I can’t talk today I’ll put the exact amounts of whatever I use in the description box for you guys and the recipe but what I have here I’ve got some organic oats I have some buckwheat toasted I know this is raw buckwheat got some coconut peanut butter and then also some TV too I have some counted and then the last thing that I’m gonna put in here is just some vanilla powder oh yes and I have these I can’t believe I forgot that they’re tiny dates so I probably have like thirty of these and what I’m gonna do is these were in my freezer so I’m just gonna pour some hot water over them and then I’m gonna pick them all put them in my blender with my oats and make these delicious Clif bars jug easier to help Dougie don’t eat the blender so the first thing that I’m gonna do is take a cup and a half of oats 1/2 a cup of buckwheat groats teaspoon of vanilla powder two tablespoons of pb2 powder we’re just gonna blend this up until it’s all combined like this it should just be a fine but not super fine flour okay so now I’m gonna pit all of my dates and put them in here duggie are you helping okay so now I have all my dates in here I’m just gonna process this okay now what I’m gonna do is add in two tablespoons of peanut butter I actually have forgot about this hemp hemp powder which is hemp protein and I guess I mean you think about it people eat Clif bars because they want the protein so I’m gonna put 1/4 of a cup of this in here which has 13 grams of protein if you wanted more protein now you could put more in here and then I’m also gonna put some hemp seeds in here just because hemp seeds are super healthy for you I’m gonna put 2 tablespoons of hemp seeds so now for a chocolaty flavor I’m going to add in 2 tablespoons of cacao nibs you don’t have cacao nibs so you could just use vegan chocolate chips then I’m also going to add in 1/4 of a cup of shredded coconut flakes Dougie is still here supervising I have all this in here we’re just going to blend it up I think what this needs is just like a little bit of plant milk this is such a great recipe Betty I’m just like waiting this two tablespoons of this so I tried the batter it’s really good I’m just going to put it into this dish and press it in here then I think to make this a little bit prettier I’m just gonna add some more cow names on top and probably some shredded coconut as well there you have it so now all I’m gonna do is put this in the freezer for two or three hours and let it set and then we have healthy vegan Clif bars so I know I made that because I was hungry and I wanted something to eat and then I have to wait three hours that wasn’t a very good plan so I’m gonna make just some plain oatmeal with cacao nibs coconut and probably everything that I put in that just actually in oatmeal and that’s what I’m gonna have for breakfast at one o’clock all right so I’ve got oats cacao nibs coconut and dates this is like the easiest breakfast ever just put some hot water on here stir it up and eat it when it’s cool I think I might call this video a super realistic what I eat in a day because I have no desire to like make really fancy looking recipes and I know for dinner I’m just going to have what I always have what you’ll have to you’ll have to hang out to find out what it is but it’s my favorite meal in the entire world and I’m really excited but I also know that from my videos it probably looks like I eat super fancy food all the time and that like it’s really hard being vegan but I literally eat like this every day except for when I’m making videos guys and want to like show you new recipes but I basically eat the same things all the time the most satisfying sound in the world I actually took like a two and a half hour nap oh there’s two hours for some reason it’s really funny because whenever I travel I always tell Derrick like oh my gosh I’m so jet lagged and he’s like there’s literally a one hour time difference like you are not traveling but I always get tired when I get home and like I just feel like my life is a mess you know you have to like redo your life you have to just start over basically when you get home from vacation you want food food time and they’re all so upset because Dougie stole their spot Dougie does not care he will just like take their entire bed no he does not care whatsoever so we make the dogs little roasted sweet potato rounds and this is this is why they get like this they get crazy over these little to sweet potato rounds that they get in their food the natural balance vegetarian dog food okay you have to sit there on a diet they gained some weight and now they’re on a diet it’s just so good isn’t it so good see I didn’t score these and that’s a problem look how good these look they just pop right out oh yeah this show burp peanut butter chocolate coconut to get peanut butter chocolate coconut Clif Bar so it’s almost time for dinner this is a super easy dinner to make because Derrick already made it yesterday just gonna take it out of the fridge put it in the instant pot seriously if you guys don’t have an instant pot this is like what I use all the time except for what I’m making recipe videos for you guys probably two times per week we just make a big batch of whatever we want if it’s red lentil chili like today if it’s pea soup if it’s broccoli cheddar soup if it’s beans whatever and then like just pop it in the instant pot takes an hour to warm it up to an acceptable temperature we also have an instant pot ebook if you guys did not know that it’s called epic vegan instant pot cooking but I don’t know if it’s actually called that anymore because instant pot sent us this thing about how we can’t use their name so I think so it’s called epic vegan pressure cooking whatever but all the recipes in there are like under 10 minutes to make you just pop them in the instant pot you can go to work you can set it on timer to be ready when you get home like this thing I literally use it all the time I’m not sponsored by instant pot I just love my instant pot so much so I’m gonna put this on keep warm and then in like an hour I will have some rice and some red lentil chili all right here’s the recipe for the best bowl of red lentil chili ever so we got red lentil chili big bowl of rice put some eggplant hummus on top and then habanero sauce seriously if you have not tried this eggplant hummus from Trader Joe’s and tapa red lentil chili game changer everybody who has ever come over to our house and had this combo is like I gotta get some I plant hummus cuz this is ridiculous on this on top and then you gotta like spread it out look at that so I’m gonna go eat my giant bowl of red lentil chili I hope you guys enjoyed this realistic what I eat in a day I can do more of them if you like them let me know in the comments box below there’s a hair in my chili gotta get that out thank you guys for watching have a beautiful day and I’ll see you in the next video this is what Derek’s making for dinner he’s putting red lips of chili on toast where’s my rice paddle right there in front of your face that’s right there you’re gonna put rice on this it’s like carbs on carbs on this is not gonna work out very well then you’re gonna grill it yeah and I put a little bit of hot sauce in there too it’s kind of like a oh boy..

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Comment (16)

  1. Your lack of hunger might stem from hormonal fluctuations. Naturally, Ghrelin, indicating hunger, rises sometime in the morning, around noon and at night, which is why we follow these 3-meal plans. However, even if you’re not eating, the hormonal levels decrease on their own and you won’t feel hungry until a few hours later.

    I have noticed, and you probably have too, that on a busy day, when you don’t have/take the time to have lunch, hunger just passes and that’s showing you the drop in ghrelin.

    *infos learnt here on yt, I might link the videos later, if wanted.

  2. Okay last comment my husband and I have a running joke whenever he asks me where something is and I always say, “it’s probably right in front of your face” and it usually is hahaha

  3. I do intermittent fasting as well. It’s a natural thing for me since I don’t like breakfast super early!! I need to film a video about it also!! Lol

  4. I like that you kept it real. Makes me feel better. I, too, eat the same thing ALL the time. I make your Corn Chowder every other week. Could you show your current version of your broccoli cheddar recipe? I’m making your Red Lentil Chili this week. Picked up that sauce at Whole Foods this morning. Unfortunately, my Trader Joe’s doesn’t carry that hummus. I’ve asked for it several times.

  5. I drink coffee in the morning. I eat like 100-200 calories for lunch (usually like fresh cucumber or salad or strawberries..something like that) and then I lift weights and ITS ON! I eat like 2000 calories for dinner. It’s awesome haha I never feel hungry really until I eat my first considerable amount of calories so I started intermittent fasting as well and its been AMAZING

  6. I never ever ever leave comments on public places but I had to tell you how much I loved this video. It’s like your old style of video from years ago. You seem so happy and bubbly with your real self shining though! Please make more videos like this and don’t stress about perfection and being all artsy fartsy

  7. Oohhhhh gurl … you’re talking a lot of smack about my beloved clif bars!

    Lol jk, I know they’re not the best, but I love them. I can eat one and not be hungry for 4-6 hours it’s great.

  8. I LOVE this realistic eating video!! I would rather see what you actually eat every day than fancy recipes, because I’d rather eat cheaply and easily than have to prepare fancy meals. Thank you very much for this video!!

  9. It’s ok to not eat in the morning when you are just sitting at home. When you have a physically strenuous job or if you want to seriously and effectively work out, you do need to eat even if you are not really hungry. For good performance you can’t afford to skip meals or eat just salads.

  10. Also, you know you’ve been watching HCH for years when you already knew it was going to be either red lentil chili or corn chowder. Both of which I love!

  11. Do you have the lentil chili recipe? Also i have tried to contact you about your weightloss two week plan book because i lost the pdf but havent heard back. I really liked the recipes from it.

  12. Please make more of the realistic what I eat videos! Even if they’re repetitive. Makes me feel normal with my boring ass meals


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