My 140Lbs Weight Loss With Intermittent Fasting

My 140Lbs Weight Loss With Intermittent Fasting

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they say history is written by the weak dog so I don’t mind blame the VLAN got a pretty you’re like oh my you like feeling hums and what a pretty girl leave you bored hey there i am kimberly or Kimber fit girl depending on where you know me from I have lost 140 pounds now doing one meal a day and basically running I do a little bit of lifting I like to play around you know I’ll do like 10 minutes of Zumba before I feel really stupid I like to try lots of different things out but essentially running is I started an Instagram account and a lot of people seemed motivated by it so I decided to keep going kind of show people what I was doing and share my journey and kind of blew up oddly enough so I decided to make a video on it now that the weight is getting to a pretty substantial number and so I made the video wanting to just kind of answer a couple questions and I’ll put a link for the video in the description and after the video I put it out and I was like okay video done this should answer a lot of questions hopefully I started getting a lot of messages like where’s your next video I was like what next video apparently people had more questions and they wanted more videos and I didn’t really fancy myself a r I mean that’s not does this count as a day in the life do the count Channel wow this Sun is very bright I don’t have a ring light though but scenes are really expensive for those who hadn’t seen my last video I essentially stumbled on intermittent fasting by accident I teach voice lessons for a living and I’m a singer and it was really difficult to find time to eat all the meals that trainers usually suggest and on top of that small meals kind of trigger me and I don’t mean trigger like trigger my hunger I mean trigger my rage there uh small meals are offensive I’m just gonna say it they are offensive to me they frustrate me they they feel malicious it almost feels like the small meal is mocking me in some way and so one day I was just like I have my food here I’m just gonna eat it all and I did and I felt really great throughout the day not super hungry and I was like okay I’m gonna do that again and the weight just started coming off I started getting the benefits of fasting which is energy clear skin just felt better felt more mental clarity and I was like well I invented a diet plan I’m gonna be rich no I did some research I found out it had been a thing for a very long time eventually I combine that with running because at 370 pounds I just nobody thought I could run I didn’t even think I could run and so I thought if I do something nutso like running I can do anything so since then I’ve developed kind of a following of people that just needed encouragement and there’s a million people that do that out there there’s a lot of good successful stories but what I’ve become or what I’ve come to realize is that there are a lot of people who don’t believe weight loss is impossible they just don’t believe in it so my hope was to take a totally normal silly kind of weirdo girl from outside of Chicago and prove to everybody that you don’t have to have a lot of money that you don’t have to be an athlete growing up that anybody can do this I was eight years old when I first started putting on a lot of weights I was jobless and living in a basement when I first started my journey so anybody can do this so essentially my goal now is to document the rest of my journey I have a little weight left to lose and also to just inspire people I think there’s just too many people that don’t think that they can do this or think that they have to be special or that they need something extra or a lot of money and I just I want to show you that you don’t need that that you can do anything I started this journey with no job in my parents basement was choose someone bought me in a free tract and then i. Pod shuffle and that was it I had no internet at the time I had nothing I was broke and I just knew that I needed to lose weight or I was gonna die before I turn 30 so I just started running and I had to kind of figure it out as I went but if someone like me can figure it out someone who has been overweight since she was eight years old has no idea what Fitness even means if someone like me can figure it out anybody can do it it’s totally doable you can save your own life so I’m hoping this channel will show people that and also I want to take you guys along with me on this final fifty pounds so I’m excited I hope that this channel motivates you and inspires you if you have questions please comment them below and I’ll try to get to them in each video and just kind of let me know like what you want to see along this journey and I’m excited to be taking you guys along I think this is gonna be kind of neat so like and subscribe to the channel and without further ado I’m not gonna sit down and answer questions from the last video so enjoy this definitely hazard care and trying to record a video why am i ghost alright so I would just like to start by addressing the comments on my last video a lot of people said that I needed to look into the camera more to those people I would just like to say he’s not a camera I don’t know where to look there’s so many like theirs which one’s a camera it’s a phone I don’t okay so I am back I am skinnier than ever I’m like I’m so skinny then I’m like John Cena basically what I wanted to do is start with just kind of answering the questions that I saw on the last video because there was a lot of questions and a lot of really funny comments you guys are crazy so yeah let’s dive in Joey Sun she run from oh don’t say that word so a couple people said that I resembles Steven Tyler’s daughter Mia in the face I get that a launch an automat and fun fact Mia Tyler follows me on Instagram I know I’m super famous right oh my gosh so what do you do for meals could you please share some meals with us yes I can I’ll be honest with you all I eat pretty much the same thing like every two eggs brown rice broccoli and spinach not a huge vegetable person but I love mushrooms zucchini are like that a lot I kind of mix everything up into this egg breakfast Bowl because it’s just easy for me I teach voice lessons for a living so I can’t really spend my day eating like have you ever tried to eat in front of kids so typically got all of my food into this one meal just because it was convenient it was just easiest for me and my job I didn’t realize until later that that was a thing like I said in my last video I thought I invented it I thought I was gonna be rich and famous I was like I created a diet plan that works I’m about to make it call my mom but no it’s been I think for like a long long long long time did I do keto here we go so when it comes to Kido I avoided keto for a really long time Kido the people who follow keto was a nice way to say that they were not very nice I would post a picture of my weight loss like hey I lost a whole bunch of weight aren’t so excited and they’d be like you should you keto and I’m like I lost the whole show you should do Kido ok I’m I’m pretty happy with my results ok better results if you did keto oh my results aren’t good enough you’d have better results if you did chemo Oh and my naked neck with niche view to kill nothing that I did was good enough for the Quito people just I could lose 500 pounds and they’d be like you should a tank you know it’s just apparently if you apparently if you’re succeeding in a way that someone else is not succeeding in that is not success conformist I was kind of scared of Quito because I thought that it would turn me into like some kind of Quito werewolf and I started telling everybody what to do and not wishing anybody success unless they were doing Quito that being said I do have polycystic ovarian syndrome for those for my PCOS girls out there so I am giving it a try now I just recently started it because I want to see if it affects my hormones I will say the weight loss has not changed for me it’s been the same about the same steady pace that I’ve always lost it out so I would not say it’s like some kind of miracle or anything like that I know I know you can’t people are gonna get in there and be like but it’s Kate oh you should be sprouting wings right now and flying it to the skies but you um I am very interested to see if it affects my hormones in a positive way that is the only reason that I’m trying it I lost all of my weight through a fairly high carb plant because I run so much it was kind of nice to have a lot of carbs to balance that out but everybody’s different we should do works best for you another question don’t you get weak and faint not eating for 23 hours and being so active actually kind of the opposite so when I was eating all day I just I could have napped anywhere at any time like out like a light like I was always tired I always had a headache I always felt just gross and when I started doing intermittent fasting I just felt like this jolt of energy oh I saw a huge difference in my energy level before intermittent fasting and after intermittent fasting I think what a lot of people do is they fail to read the googles go online type it in there’s a lot of good information out there on the benefits of fasting on the negative Stu there’s a lot of it don’t just assume that what one person said is gospel don’t assume what I said is gospel what do I know just go do your own research figure it out for yourself because then you know for a fact what is that Mc. Donald’s coffee is like your food oh it’s only 60 percent mine but thank you I did lose a lot of hair in the beginning because at the beginning of my weight loss my hair was awesome because I was eating so much that my hair was just very well fed so of course it thinned out quite a bit when I started like it wasn’t used to not getting what probably 5000 plus calories de ice um so when I first started losing weight yeah my hair definitely thinned out but I didn’t go behold or anything you know it’s definitely an adjustment and it stinks and as someone of PCOS I struggle with that anyway you know it’s kind of annoying but could be worse and basically I just made sure to get as many vitamins in as I could make sure to eat enough calories made sure to take biotin I did not take that the whole journey but I have taken that the past year or so and it’s made it here so you know so I do wear extensions sometimes for thickness new I will not be doing an extension tutorial because I don’t want the hairdresser’s coming after me because I do it myself I’m kidding I’m blessed but I’m too this expensive to get your hair did so yeah so I do it myself there’s a lot of videos out there that can help you do it yourself it’s a lot of fun hair is kind of my hobby I like to change it up a lot so yeah I did lose some and it is kind of annoying but you know there’s there’s options out there there’s vitamins there’s hair extensions it’s not the end of the world don’t let it stop you from moving forward so many says I need to fix the skin on my chin and cheeks now you need to fix that attitude in your heart and soul so many comments about how BCA’s break your fast Jen how am I so skinny y’all need to stop with that the freaking fasting police let people do what they’re gonna do this works for me BCAAs have never broken my fast I still continually got the side effects of fasting which is clearer skin which is weight loss which is energy increased mental clarity all of the benefits that you get from fasting I continue to get while sipping on lemon juice and BCAAs so just slow your roll raise up off of me tired that look up this snake No all right this one’s very intense because there’s like five question marks so get ready so what when you were out with your friends if you were invited to a dinner I hate dinner like that’s it like I’ll save my meal till then or I do occasionally do cheat meals I’ll plan a cheat meal with friends that’s a bet oh it’s better is hanging out with your friends and being pigs together because then you’re not technically a pig if other people are doing it no one’s talking about glycogen stores and working out when you’re hungry I only workout when I’m hungry I do fasted workouts because I just I train insane when I do that when I have food in my stomach even if it’s been a few hours it just doesn’t go well I workout typically about a half hour after I wake up I will go to the gym and it just it’s so much easier to do on an empty stomach and I feel a lot more energy when I do that and then I come home and I and I know in the last video I did mention I used to eat at night I flip it like depending on how I’m feeling sometimes I’ll switch to a night time eating window for a month and then I’ll go to a morning depending on like what’s going on Misha excuse me I’m filming this guy has his full name and he’s being real gross so I’m gonna go on Facebook and i’ma find his mom and I’m telling your mom you are disgusting that’s just so cool to read through because I’m seeing so many people that are talking about how much weight they’ve lost with intermittent fasting and how they feel better it’s just nice good for you guys it’s not just I don’t mean to preach the intermittent fasting if you don’t like intermittent fasting like don’t come on here and be like aren’t you hungry how could you do this don’t do it that do what works for you like if you love that six meals a day thing then a little Tupperware’s would you would you get a bag do it like that’s awesome do what works for you like it’s not a matter of like this is the only thing that works that’s not what I’m saying I’m sharing what I did and answering some questions so like if you are losing weight in a completely different way that is awesome and that’s what works for you when it comes down to a weight loss is about less calories and more calories out however you decide to do that intermittent fasting keto that one worry if it fits your macros and you eat cupcakes like all of them they all pretty much do this thing or whatever method you find that works for you to be able to do that that’s your method that’s your brand that’s your recipe that’s what you should do okay not a questions about running and I get it I was the same when I when I was at close to 400 pounds I thought to myself I can never run running how I don’t understand it that’s partially why you did it I knew if I really wanted to lose weight I needed to do something that to me seemed impossible because otherwise how was I gonna do the impossible so I get it and I’m here to tell you like if you want to run and you don’t have any major injuries or the doctor hasn’t told you not to run you can run like if at 400 pounds I could run I cross the finish line of my first 5k at 300 got some side eye I definitely got a few people that were like what is she doing cuz I did not look like I belonged but I knew that I needed to do this I came in dead last dead last and there was a crowd of people there cheering me on but ant was crying my mom was crying everybody was crying it was just a big life changing day that was a 300 pounds I started this journey at a track a free track down the street with a little i. Pod shuffle and like Christina Aguilera’s album on it and I just ran I could only do ten seconds at a time in the beginning and then I would die and then I’d have to start again and so I just kept doing that and I’d go for as long as I could and yes I definitely had to take days off because I was so heavy that I could feel it was my knees were just not loving it so I would take a day off and I dice my knees and I go again the next day you know it’s it’s okay you can take a day off and I mean 140 pounds later fun like the proof is in the pudding it works you just got up you got to find your tool and for me it was running and it was partially running because nobody thought that I could run I weighed almost 40 once we were walking down the street in Chicago one summer and it was two blocks and we needed to walk to get to the restaurant I literally started crying because I was in so much pain from walking they had to go get the car everyone was annoyed with me I was just standing there crying on the frickin street because it hurts it hurts to walk and Here I am cross and finish lines of five keys I needed to prove something I needed to and honestly I think that is what got me here is that I just needed to prove it I have been overweight since I was eight years old bleed everybody I had a neighbor one time telling me that I was never gonna lose the weight I I mean the things that have been said to me in my life regarding my weight it’s been it’s been heartbreaking I never thought that I could do anything from the time that I was eight years old so crossing that first finish line at 300 pounds that was me saying yep I’ve got this and all the people saying oh look you’re so pretty now I was always pretty better recognize it’s not about pretty it’s not it’s about not dying before I turned 30 very important to me I like the compliments it’s nice you know all this it’s nice when people say that for sure like we all it’s nice when people say that for sure but that is not why I did this I just I wanted to be able to sleep through the night without waking up from sleep apnea I wanted to be able to walk a few blocks without being in pain I wanted to live to see my niece’s grow up there was just there was a few extra reasons that kind of topped the list before we ever gets pretty I mean there’s gonna be people out here that will say stuff about me about my got my smile about my dorky sense of humor I get it that’s the Internet I don’t care I’m here for the people that are sitting behind their computer thinking how is this possible I don’t know how I would even start I don’t get it I’m lost I’m gonna be heavy forever I’m here for those people so I hope my channel helps you a little bit if you have more questions posting below and I will try to get to them in the next video I know everybody wants a day in the life video I will do my best I am really nervous about vlogging in public but I will try and then if there’s anything else that you guys want to see I’m not the best at like hair and makeup tutorials because I can’t keep a straight face but anything else that you want to see let me know in the comments and thank you guys for asking for more videos like I told you I I was bullied from the time that I was eight years old so it’s weird to have people appreciate Who I am so just thanks for that and I’ll see you in the next video bye..

People make fasting more complicated than it needs to be. We believe in keeping it simple and seeing results – you can always experiment after that. If you’re new here make sure and take a look at our free audiobook offer Eat Stop Eat Making Fasting Simple Again (And Seeing Real Results).

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  1. Its all about the hormone Insulin. Fasting lowers insulin levels and allows your body to lose weight, every meal consumed increases your insulin, along with your body’s natural production, sugars or carbs taken in are stored as fat when there is too much insulin present in your blood. IF is great for those who have insulin resistance and those with PCOS.

  2. I’ve lost 170 pounds with a combination of OMAD and Keto.

    Small meals are offensive…. I call my one meal a day Intermittent feasting.

    Same as you, I didn’t know OMAD was a thing until I started doing it on my own.

  3. You have an awesome personality and are really good at this youtube thing, so please keep the videos coming.

    I’m done with my first week of OMAD. Currently at 285. I lost about 5 lbs the first week. Really hungry M-W. Suddenly on Th hunger gone which was great.

    Liked, subscribed, notifications on….I eagerly await any wisdom you have to pass along.

  4. I think Keto people are ex Vegan people with the same judgemental, shitty attitudes because they are eliminating whole food groups!!!

  5. I’ve found the best way to lose is to wait as long as you can to eat after feeling hunger pangs.
    Intermittent fasting is key!
    16/8 works for me.

  6. Thank you for posting about your journey. I am a sixty-year-old woman but in my head I’m 25! I have about 80 pounds to lose… I’ve already lost 7 lbs lol. My knees hurt when I walk but I used to be a runner and I’m hoping I can run again but I feel like I have to lose some more weight first before I start. Even walking too long is like I need to find a bench to sit and rest because my knees and hips hurt! Keep on going I find you very inspirational! Yay you!

  7. I love what you say about the small malicious meals. I feel like having to put so much thought and energy into food is too much for people who struggle with overeating. It’s like asking a drug addict to manage his portions of cocaine. You are a beautiful, inspirational warrior

  8. I love your personality keep it up you look amazing! I’ve been doing OMAD for about 17 days and I’ve lost 15 pounds. After my son I weighed 247! I’m seeing that my belly fat is leaving faster then anything else! Ugh I’m so glad I came across your page! Your energy is awesome! Congratulations love

  9. Excellent Witness.. I am on OMAD. So far I have lost 41 pounds in 35 days and I am not done. Another 30+ more pounds and I will be happy, I want my 6-pack back. I too am journalling my entire journey. I use to wear a tight 2X now I fit in Medium. OMAD is the way to become a Fat Burning Machine.. I love it..

  10. I agree that intermittent fasting is very effective to lose weight. I lost a lot of weight last year dong two meals a day 16 / 8. I think it’s best to gradually change from 6 or 8 meals a day to two meals a day, no snacks before trying one meal a day.

    I started one meal a day about two weeks ago, and it’s not as difficult to do as I thought. From my experience with one meal a day, compared to two meals a day, it’s more effective for losing weight.

    Some people who lose a lot of weight have problems with loose skin. Did you have loose skin problems?


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