Is Water Fasting The Fastest Way To See Your Abs Again?

I highly recommend fasting in all cases with one caveat. If you are close to 56% body fat, dont fast. Period.

Otherwise yes, it is the fastest way and has been shown to increase Basal Metabolic Rate slightly whereas the decrease of the BMR when you do calorie restriction is well documented.

People make fasting more complicated than it needs to be. We believe in keeping it simple and seeing results – you can always experiment after that. If you’re new here make sure and take a look at our free audiobook offer Eat Stop Eat Making Fasting Simple Again (And Seeing Real Results).

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5 Day Water Fast Results! Insane Transformation! Extreme Fat Loss! Vlog #244

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it’s day five of the fast I feel pretty damn good I’m super happy we all know what you came for and since it is five day fast results right I went ahead and put together short clips of each day and how I felt during those days leading up to today itself now these small clips are actually from entire vlogs that you can see right here on my channel feel free to watch the entire blogs of those individual days if you’d like but for now enjoy the video back again with the rice and the port of course we have two sandwiches to go with that very very very very very little calorie this is a food ah oh my god we have a problem after I just ate that food which was like maybe three hours ago my instincts took over I had half of this trail mix half of this trail mix yo let me read you the Nutrition Facts serving size three tablespoons calories per serving hundred and forty servings per container 25 servings and I had half a my like four thousand calories today plus I had some ice cream oh my gosh I literally be like a competitive eater and so we did this again alright your boys actually gonna be embarking on this fast and journey if you saw my two day first video then you know I’m good with the fasting except this time we’re doing five days already a some food some monkey bread and some ice cream you know which was actually pretty good st. Peter what’s that ice cream I had earlier actually went out and bought some more also a grilled cheese sandwich I made from scratch here at home and a calzone from Walley world so just owned all that food here so my stomach looks this is not gonna be fun at all I currently weigh 208 woke over this morning weighing in at 198 so it looks like I put 10 pounds in my belly this is day one on the fast I look and I feel like my mouth is extremely dry from all of that food last night oh my goodness and drinking water just doesn’t freaking taste good so of course I lost about four pounds from all the food but I’m still like six phones up we’ll see how much weight we lose within these five days though alright so let’s look at body composition this is me at 204 Collins with a whole bunch of water and Lester look what day one is always the easiest you don’t feel hungry at all you just don’t feel hungry I just try drinking some water no I have a filter on my tap okay so this is will go to ours oh it tastes so disgusting oh my god I don’t even know how to describe what it’s lots of tests it’s just like hell to drink like I’d leave the water but damn I don’t want to drink that crap but just feeling slightly slightly hungry you know what that’s your choices today after you know big TV still kind of feel sick though it’s kind of like a food hangover we eat too damn much because your body is trying to break down everything and it just has so much time Ian listen kudos goes on to competitive Ito’s especially like beard needs food Eric the electric cuz I don’t know how that sit down that have like 20,000 calories in one day I feel like trash okay like my mouth is all dry and Franti let’s call this a documentary on sasha vlogs and the five day fast hey maybe this will blow up maybe this will go viral maybe this will be the thing that makes people see my channel and subscribe and comment for these daily vlogs cuz we’re gonna keep them late yeah all right so we wake over this morning and we wait 198 pounds I say that because I weighed myself without the camera of course and looks like this phone headed up home went to bed at around 2: 00 last night and I kept on waking up today at like midnight extremely slight headache on a scale of 1 to 10 it’s probably point 5 it’s really not there but I still feel something it’s about 0.5 but let’s look at body composition wait wait this is after one day fasting of course just one game so in one day we went from 204 to 198 plastic muscles are still there for more days to go really three more days to go because today is day two I honestly feel like I just broke up with food like literally I feel like we’re on a break need some time and space away from them I feel like I’m doing no contact with food it’s funny though that’s like my friends keep on trying to talk about food but it doesn’t do anything to doesn’t faze me you see what you fasting you’re gonna hit a certain point where the food is like meaningless at least in that period until you try it again and then you’re like oh my god I can’t believe I just did that wait for it wait for it wait for it bang it didn’t have fun it didn’t hop on table I’m actually headed to the gym right now but the funniest thing happened to me this morning I actually pooped it wasn’t soft it was just normal all right I know could be too much TMI listen I’m sorry I’m really not I just found that interesting like how I poop and I never eat none yesterday most be the leftovers from like two days ago okay so the workout turned out pretty damn amazing its song it’s about one o’clock right now at the beginning of the workout like it was like fall power all the energy in the world it was awesome well on my last three sets and I worked out for boat you know four to five minutes on my last three sets is when the energy started to dip and it starts to get hard off luckily ass got it done cuz you know I’m a boss won’t you go home no and not me but actually show up and then get ready for work a little bit later on it’s currently 3: 40 p. m. but I want to talk about this morning first so let’s go ahead and see how much we weighed today now remember this is our look day 1 of The Fast and it’s not too bad but we can definitely look a lot better no this was me this morning this is what I like to see one 97.6 pounds look at the gains do you see those gills do you see those gills striations in the shoulders oh yeah up top yep pop it flex ooh ooh ooh a lot of people like to say Oh day three is where ketosis kicks in you know and that’s when you start using all your fat for energy instead of anything and I’m telling you I felt that Master today because so many things happened I was extremely tired my body was tired like I went to bed at like 1: 00 woke up at 9: 00 right and I didn’t really sleep through the entire night I was tossing and turning it was pretty crazy I woke up and I felt like a damn zombie to be honest and I actually had to go on the road with my mom earlier on this morning so that didn’t help at all once I got back home and I attempted to sleep I felt a lot better I went to the gym before I got home and my workout was good like I didn’t lose any strength gains at all but the recovery time was a lot more like I got tired super easy but I still had the same strength so I could still work out and push the heavy weights and be fine I just had to rest longer in between sets once I got home I jumped in my bed I used my blackout curtains to darken up the room I closed my eyes and I laid in bed born Oh I probably fell asleep for 10 minutes to the entire hour but after just giving my body that rest and just lying there I felt so much more better I felt like I had slept even though I didn’t sleep so I don’t know what I was about the focus that I have is unbelievable it’s so weird like I was definitely focused on the task whatever the task may be and I was determined to get it done it’s like kind of being superhuman that transition is like when you’re morphing from a regular human into a werewolf were you turning turning yeah that’s the term you turned it into a vampire or you turned it into a werewolf it was so weird like the vision like if I was talking to my mom my mom’s face would be like the only focus and everything else would be blurred out everything else until I was like huh yo this is crazy all right so I woke up this morning and I currently weigh a hundred and ninety three point eight pounds that is crazy let’s take a look at the scale so I show you what I’m talking about no let me show you how I look today yo that’s insane I do want to tell you this though last night I got basically zero sleep boy it doesn’t seem that way because my energy is all the way up here and I don’t know how that frickin works I don’t know day three is one of the crappiest where that’s hard as frickin days if you’re planning on doing a five day fast and you can get through day three then I think you have it in the back cuz that’s the most challenging I went to bed at 12: 25 and I set my alarm for 9 a. m. I was tossing and turning the entire time and I had some crappy ass muscle aches in my arms and my legs these weren’t going away no just the entire time in my arms and my legs made it very uncomfortable and then I blacked out our own maybe one and then I won’t go back at 2: 48 I continue to toss and turn blacked out again maybe for a split second what felt like a split second I know I’m up at like 353 testing and turning which feels like forever and the black nodes again and then waking up at 6 I continue to just persevere and try first of all I had to pee so I went and I peed good thing in the bathroom was in my room when I came back into my bed jumped in bed lie down and muscle pains were so good it wasn’t as harsh as before but they were definitely there wasn’t too bad wasn’t too bad I just wasn’t sleeping my eyes were literally tired and I mean dead tired like I had been sleep deprived for days and so was my body but mentally I could not frickin sleep and I don’t know what a few o’clock and I am fatigued and tired and I have zero energy and needs to sleep so I’m gonna do that another thing so you’re really sensitive to temperature so you’ll get super cold even if it’s not that cold sort of memory loss it occurs just a little bit oh yeah I need to sleep a some home No and to be honest that nap it wasn’t a nap once again my eyes were closed but I didn’t really sleep maybe I slept for ten minutes also the entire hour you can’t already tell my energy is definitely low right now it’s 8: 32 p. m: and I’m tired as heck just look at my eyes okay no we do have one more day just fast to go what your boy definitely wants to frickin eat something right now no it’s not the fasting that’s the issue or the hunger it’s the fatigues the muscle aches tiredness it’s the keto flu Nikita flu it’s what happens when you know you lower your carbs nobody wants to have to deal with it and I don’t enjoy feeling like this you know I weigh 193 that’s way below my goal so I definitely kind of satisfied I know in the morning I’ll probably wait one 90 or 180 tonight but I guess now they want to eat some food right now for fricking sword if you’re thinking about doing a 5 day fast don’t be discouraged whatsoever at all like I said this is my experience everybody is affected completely differently you know there are lots of people who have done five days fasts who have had tons of sleep and that’s the best sleep that they have had all the people on the other hand don’t get any or get very little and I was wanted to unlock you wants to not get any damn sleep that’s all no I know what you think it it’s a fight how much did he weigh well here you go what did his physique look like well this dude gained two pounds are not fast that’s impossible what end up happening was I broke my fast on day four it was exactly 96 hours instead of 120 hours about five day fast but I had my reasons so don’t click off just yet if you couldn’t already tell on day four I was feeling extremely fatigued and I could not sleep okay I had worked that day it was just help I worked at a tower ship I’m used to work in tents 8’o is itself almost near killed me I’m not kidding it was a horrible experience for me knowing on day five that I was going to have to do the same thing again I wasn’t doing any service to customers or myself had I been in that state of mind because I was extremely tired no enthusiasm throughout the entire day and I also had a lack of sleep I didn’t get any like I said I was super tired my eyes were closed my eyes were tired but I could not fall into deep sleep and actually sleep so I wasn’t gonna risk that am i well being for a five day fast when I actually completed four days you know we started off at 208 know I’m a hundred and ninety three pounds or hundred and ninety five if you call today but that’s just walks away I was personally satisfied with that like my goal was to get back to my ABS my my kills everything my obliques you know so I was happy with that no here’s the craziest thing how did he only gain two pounds so you’re thinking he must have just had something small yo I pinched like a bastard okay I had a 12 pack of Oreos I had a banana I had a four drone I had rice and chicken a big serving I had a protein shake I had a bowl of ice cream I had a ham and cheese sandwich I had a peanut butter sandwich I had three slices of bread and I think that’s about it but overall I feel so much better now I feels so much better yeah I have all this energy I am gonna follow in a week to see if actually maintain the weight that I made or I’ll probably weigh less to be honest but a four day fast a five day fast it is definitely something I’d recommend cuz after the entire thing is over oh man oh man you’re gonna be feeling like a star okay well I’m at work so I’ll finish up this when I’m at home if you’re wondering I did work out for like the first three days of the fast before was just super tiring for me so I just I couldn’t work on and literally quit overall this was an amazing experience just to go from this to this in a matter of days is crazy it really helps you boost through some plateaus especially if you’re caught in trying to lose weight listen if you use my channel I do daily vlogs have over 200 vlogs that you can watch right here on my channel definitely drop or comment let me know what you think about the whole fight they fascinate if you’re gonna do a fast if you have any questions on it drop them below cuz I will respond and reply to them every last one but we’re gonna wrap this one up right here people say all right you know peace love sleeping grease like share and subscribe for more daily vlogs and vlogs like this because of sahs a vlog..

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  1. Im sick of all these thumbnail pics of before and afters where the person is slouching pushing out their stomach then the after pic they are upright, perfect posture and hitting a vacuum. Its deceiving.

  2. you probably felt so fatigued on day 4 because you were still working out like you normally do when you’re eating food. on a water fast you have to significantly decrease your workout intensity because you’re not getting the body’s first choice of energy which is carbs. I think the most intense workout you’re suppose to do on a water fast is yoga tbh or 10 reps of each workout you want to do at a slow pace

  3. Take Himalayan salt for the cramping it takes care of all body aches. About Half tea spoon in a glass of water once or twice a day

  4. Don’t workout, you’re tiring yourself. You’re supposed to rest when you’re fasting. Or at least wait till ur 100% in ketosis to workout. But don’t go ham either. Just do enough to keep your muscles moving.

  5. I know you didnt just say you made a grill cheese sandwich from scratch lmao…. how else do you get one, cause if you buy one something is wrong with you lol

  6. Judging from what you have showed, You eat way too much processed foods, that can be counter productive, keep it clean and you will see faster and better results, not just on the outside but your body on the inside will thank you for it. And this goes for what you put on your skin, especially for all you ladies, my rule of thumb: If you can’t eat it don’t put it on your skin.


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