Is It Better To Skip Breakfast Or Dinner When Doing An 18 Hour Intermittent Fasting Window?

The most important meal of the day is breakfast. But many people have truncated the nostalgia from the list of dietary supplements. However, experts say that there is a serious danger hidden in this trend. Instead of being able to give up weight, there is a lot of problems in the body that can cause breakfast.

People make fasting more complicated than it needs to be. We believe in keeping it simple and seeing results – you can always experiment after that. If you’re new here make sure and take a look at our free audiobook offer Eat Stop Eat Making Fasting Simple Again (And Seeing Real Results).

Let’s know, exclude morning breakfast and its effects on the body.

1. Harmful to the heart

According to a research report, 27 percent of all boys who skipped breakfast, are at risk of a heart attack. Dr. said this research. Lia lol. He said healthier breakfast reduces the risk of heart disease. Those who avoid breakfast in the morning, the chances of high blood pressure increase and blood circulation in the arteries is interrupted. It can also lead to stroke.

2. Increases the risk of diabetes

Harvard University School of Public Health operates a research on the relationship between health and dietary relationships. This study was conducted on 46.289 women for 6 years. The result is very surprising. It is said that women who do not eat breakfast regularly have more risk of Type 2 diabetes. And the chance of getting type 2 diabetes is 54 percent of the working women who take breakfast in the morning.

3. Can increase weight

If you want to eliminate breakfast for a weight loss, then think again. One study found that those who missed breakfast in the morning increased their weight quickly. If you do not eat breakfast, increase the intake of sugar and fat is increased. As well as getting hungry, you eat whatever you eat every day. Increasing hunger increases the amount of food intake. Which exceeds your daily calorie intake. So, instead of losing weight, you will get weight gain instead of losing weight.

4. Negative impact on mental state and body

In a research study published in a psychological journal in 1999, it was found that avoiding morning breaks had negative effects on mood and energy. In this study, 144 healthy people were divided into three groups. A group was given a healthy regular morning breakfast, the second party was given only coffee and no breakfast was provided to the third party. It is seen that the group which had not been given breakfast in the morning, their memory skills went to the lowest level and their tiredness levels were higher. There was no significant change in the other two groups.

In August 2013, a British Journal of Nutrition report said that if the breakfast is not done, the body’s energy decreases and the level of physical activity decreases. MEGANE may be due to skipping breakfast. There may be a shortage of water on your body. Negative effects of breakfast elimination will affect your mood. You become irritable. There will be a shortage of your energy. Will be surrounded by depression. Memory will decrease.

5. Increases hair growth

If the protein is low in protein, it affects the level of the continent that prevents hair growth and increases hair growth. Breakfast is an all-day food that plays an important role in the production of hair flakes. So if you want bright and strong hair, eat protein-rich morning breakfast.

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This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Fasting.

Intermittent Fasting – Should You Skip Breakfast Or Dinner


In this video, we discuss whether or not it’s best to skip breakfast or dinner, on a daily intermittent fasting plan..

Text version:

all right what’s going on so I was checking my Instagram at grow Gallagher and someone asked me you know can they do internet fasting but instead of skipping breakfast actually skipping dinner so in that case that have the breakfast the launch I assume they stopped eating around one or two and they’d go until the next morning without food um okay let’s let’s talk about this ultimately and I know Brandon you talk about this losing fat is about the calorie deficit yeah you know if you’re eating at a calorie deficit then you will lose fat so I mean you can do intermittent fasting and skip dinner as long as you’re in that deficit and your goal is leanness it will work and also it’s really about finding the most enjoyable way for you to hit these calories and macros that’s what I really preach finding the most enjoyable way so um with that said I’ve seen a couple people really like it but I would never do that in a million years like that’s yeah I’ll like ruin us for a dinner a couple hours we want to have the freedom to go out and eat and socialize never having dinner what why I can’t sleep if I’m hungry yeah reason I can’t sleep in a I lighten well if I don’t it’s easy for me to not eat staying from food during it because that’s what I’m hustling yeah yeah yeah I get more done and I just you know caffeine is all I really need kept heating water until uh my first meal I’ll break the fast and then I actually started getting hooked I start getting tired the more I eat like yeah so yeah big meal at dinner so like it’s perfect like to go to sleep after that but I I think I think skipping as me I think that’s individualized I’m so worried it’ll work another way if someone tried it I just had I have no what i’m reference you know I think if we’re looking at our bodies um Ashley or Hakeem Ethel I wrote the book the word diet and he talks all about that when you’re fasted you’re energetic your body’s not spending energy to digest that you get used to it yeah initially it’s initially initial yeah once you get used to it I mean you get this incredible focus and the beauty of skipping breakfast is you can use like coffee or caffeine or Americanos to plant your appetite you don’t want to do that at night if you’re giving dinner cuz then you won’t sleep you stay so it for every reason but yes you can it could it wouldn’t be optimal so I mean I think the best thing to do is skip breakfast you know your body will adapt to it really quickly you’ll be so focused don’t even think about food you’re triggering the sympathetic nervous system you know you’re not getting hungry you’re maximizing fat burning your body’s primed really to burn fat in the morning when cortisol is peaked and actually research shows that when you eat more when you divert more calories later in the day you actually see better muscle retention improve fat loss improve health markers I mean if we look back at it for like thousands thousands of years ago we’ve evolved eating more in the evening hunting gathering during the day so with that during the day killing during the day night so I mean I think it’s most logical and enjoyable and effective to actually do intermittent fasting by getting rid of breakfast people like oh but you grab you can’t get rid of breakfast because it’s break fast I’m very well aware of that but like practically speaking breakfast is referred to as a morning meal just semantics so I think you’re better off just skipping breakfast eating more leyland day and that’s more enjoyable but as a final note if for whatever reason you do best and you feel great eating breakfast and lunch and you don’t wanna eat dinner then don’t let then do that just make sure to focus on making that die as enjoyable as possible hitting that calorie deficit if your goals lean this if you want put on size eating at the surplus all those things are important um test it out man if you’re not testing your guess and you know if you’re not testing you gotta do is you got every everything type of difficulty you yeah that’s your life right yeah I was you try the morning so maybe we’re full of you know I’m gonna try tomorrow we like it better do you know what there’s actually some interesting research that um if if you are lean you’re pretty insulin sensitive typically and when you eat first thing in the morning Courcelles highest food stimulates insulin and when those two interact and cause a rapid drop in blood sugar which will trigger hunger so like me for example and a lot of people I know if they eat first thing in the morning they just cost you thinking about food and then they get stressed up and oh now I have no more calories left um easiest thing for me to do is push my first meal later you know I’ve had you know some americano some San Pellegrino it’s like 5: 30 what time is it it’s 5: 35 something is to see that’s my point I haven’t knive all the freedom to eat at amount of food today nothing no III before your speech yeah this is more advanced it takes it takes some some time to get used to it and be able to push it the longer the point is should you skip breakfast or skip dinner if you do an internet fasting definitely definitely definitely I would impress upon you to get rid of breakfast breakfast and you have an epic dinner every dinner like about just because it works with your body in so many levels I mean because a lot of the people that say oh I want to interpret fasting but I don’t skip breakfast it’s because they think they have to eat first thing in the morning or just workout completely untrue think about how tough it would be to how much willpower you have to exercise to not eat at night you know I can’t sleep I can’t I couldn’t I couldn’t sleep yeah you eat right before your sleep uh sometimes I eat like right before sometimes I eat like one or two hours before good I mean I but I’m always full for bed I always I like to eat get full right before a bit too right in a beer I forbid my people I feel like it gets me tired in a good way yeah right and my people call that the itis all right well even people that don’t want to skip breakfast don’t want to have like a little morning bit of food I still tell them have your biggest meal at night man it’s so much more enjoyable alright so point is is should you skip breakfast or skip dinner I would definitely suggest skip breakfast first do that the results are amazing everyone that goes through my program or watching my videos and follows follows it and get insane results they all skip breakfast ate a big dinner Ivan only with a couple people that skip dinner but they’re just kind of like for them that was just what they liked and I was like hey if that works better for you it’s more enjoyable do that I try and be pragmatic what’s the most enjoyable way what do you all stick to you while also hearing to the laws of you know thermal thermal dynamics um so that’s that she was Myron she’s like oh my god that guy’s filming a feed yeah oh my god oh my god this is just what we’re taking over the cells no no no no only man only I own it man yo Greg just killed his speech told me I’ll watch the speech I don’t know this is the species killed it you like that you just killed it is I John I went in I winged that we even have you prepared just freestyle just went in on Wilson style Wow it’s beautiful now look at these trees these are great trees now today we’re gonna talk about something important and no one ever talks about it is criminal you want to build a successful business in season about businessman you gotta be natural gonna do a lot of Long’s and people you’re going to get a lot of flack for it so all of my programs utilize intermittent fasting the way I teach it is to skip breakfast and utilize these different hacks which make it so easy save on this huge room for for late on the day which is what people most people love if you want to skip dinner that’s just really weird your robot yeah so if you want to find the best program of mine for you take the survey I’ll put it right on Brandon’s head and join join he no body take the physique survey everyone that goes through that gets like looking crazy resulted I’ve been doing some podcast those people but yeah that’s it alright later the pictures like hit the other button take a picture of us right now this button I think we’re looking really cool right now look at people to give Linds though to be plenty other one look at you do it you could do it why you filming a video man doing this one right here look at the lens you see look at the lens though oh it’s true that’s cool you..

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Comment (19)

  1. For me, its about gettin shit done all during the day (skipping lunch). I could skip breakfast if i wanted. But i’d rather not eat so close to dinner time (Plus i like breakfast foods more than lunch foods. And because of my job im not able to simply push breakfast back. I think ur calling lunch breakfast. But its not the same types of food). Makes my dinner so much more satisfying. 12 or so hours between each meal. Its cool so far.

  2. I skip dinner (not eating after 5 pm) and I’ve lost weight because I’m afraid I’m gonna be really dizzy if I don’t eat breakfast. But still I’m gonna try to skip breakfast and see what happens.

  3. Parts of this video are irresponsible, in my opinion. I’m not going to claim that I know more about health & fitness than +Kinobody does because I don’t. However, it seems like Kino & his buddy in this video are both in their mid to late 20s. How practical is it for a father or mother of 2 small children to skip breakfast? These guys probably stay up til 2am every night. Some people have to get up at 4 or 5am and skipping breakfast isn’t practical for them. It’s also not that hard to eat a light dinner & stop eating by 6:30 or 7pm every night.

    “I can’t go to sleep when I’m hungry”. Talk about first world problems. Geez… hundreds of thousands of kids do that in trailer parks and projects every night. That’s just crap reasoning.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the studies have indicated weight loss benefits at 12 hours of consecutive fasting. It’s never been specified when you have to do it, as long as you get your 12 hours in. Trust me fellas, once you get into your mid to late 30s, the idea of going to bed a little earlier doesn’t seem so crazy any longer.

  4. dinner is the easiest to skip for me. this comes from a sad fact. my father was drunk at dinner time and i prefered to skip. 20 years in which i skipped 80 % of the dinners.

  5. As for IF, I skip breakfast and, like you, I push back dinner with a Starbucks Americano and a Perrier. Alas, we don’t have San Pellegrino sparkling water on Jeju Island, otherwise… That said, I’m about four months into IF and I’m never going back to whatever the hell I was doing before. What WAS I doing before intermittent fasting? With IF, I have WAY MORE control of my calorie intake. It FITS my lifestyle. It FEELS right. I don’t even feel guilty if I go into a surplus for the day. I simply chalk it up it as a REFEED day and move on with my life. Even my strength training with reverse pyramids etc has changed everything. I eat and exercise differently now. I’m in the driver’s seat. I’m not a passenger anymore. I can see my gains on the benches etc. with each passing month. I’m adding plates to my first sets every few weeks, it seems. I can’t imagine what I will look like … feel like in a year. But I know this. I’ll feel be better with IF than without it.

  6. whenever i eat breakfast i become very lazy and go back to sleep lol thats why skipping breakfast is a must for me lol

  7. Been doing fasting for 4 weeks now… I m not that strict on my calorie intake, but last time I weight my self… maybe last week…
    I v lost 9k.
    I m very happy with fasting. dont feel hungry and i v started using some clothes that had to put away because tey felt tight.
    have to take my job uniform to reduce because its starting to look floppy.

  8. I get up at 7am every morning and typically break my fast between 11 and 12. I would push it to later but I like to workout in the morning. So I typically eat from 11 until about 5 or 6 depending on when I have dinner and I have been loosing weight pretty well.

  9. How about those free breakfast buffets at hotels? That’s hard to resist. Not thinking of lunch or dinner after a 2000 calorie breakfast.

  10. I agree that it is preferably, at least for me, to skip breakfast verses skipping dinner. I, similar to your friend, have a hard time getting into a deep sleep if I feel hungry. Furthermore, I think skipping breakfast is easier to apply than skipping dinner, from a standpoint of most human cultures, because in most cultures, throughout the world, it is dinner which is the most communal meal of the day – where you share the days experiences with family and friends. I have not heard of a single culture that values breakfast as the big meal of the day. The only reason that breakfast has become elevated as the “most important meal of the day” in the United States, and in other western countries, is not because of any good biological or cultural reason, but instead the emphasis on a big breakfast is purely the result of marketing by food companies, who can peddle their highly processed and highly refined carbohydrate/sugary rich foods (i.e. cereals, bagels, breads, pancakes, waffles, orange juice, muffins, donuts, sweet lattes, etc.), which they know will set off a blood sugar roller coaster that will induce the consumer to consume even more food throughout the rest of the day.

  11. This study is not a great choice (@2:26) because it compares carb eating at dinner time to a control diet as opposed to comparing IF in the morning to IF at night. I suspect that you will find that eating no food at dinner is superior and better for you generally in a number of ways.

    Notably, insulin and growth hormone are antagonistic. One is depressed while the other is elevated. We do know that the majority of your fat oxidation for the day occurs at rest. Also, that your body will preferentially store fat as fat when consumed at night. Also, falling asleep with a full belly probably has secondary negative characteristics, and likely contributes to acid formation, notably heartburn due to the fact that the force of gravity is acting upon the contents of your stomach detrimentally when laying horizontal.

    Personally, I would suggest that intermittent fasting is just “eating 2 meals a day instead of 3” and that the best time to not eat the third meal would be dinner time for maximal fat loss.

  12. I hate being full right before bed personally- start eating between 10 & noon depending how hungry I am or if I workout, then finished eating by between 5 & 7. Bed time is between 10 & 11.

  13. You can’t skip breakfast. The first thing you eat after your fast is called breakfast (Break-Fast) Mind blown eh?

  14. I lose weight by eating a big healthy breakfast and snacking on healthy food until around 5pm. After that, absolutely noting. I can drop 3lbs a week doing this. I eat two eggs for breakfast with my BCAA drink. I then eat every two or three hours after that mostly carrots, fish, chicken, strawberries, apples, oranges, grapes, bananas, etc. Eat big in the morning, lightly throughout the day and nothing for dinner. Make sure to drink a lot of water and stick to healthy foods. Avoid processed foods and anything high in salt!

  15. Health-wise, its not ideal to go to bed full, as the body does all the healing processes when its asleep. Instead the body has to divert its energy into digesting food all night rather than healing the organs or whatever needs attention. Of course your young with no health problems yet and your focus is purely on aesthetics rather than optimizing health.


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