Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan For Weight Loss Recipes What I Eat

Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan For Weight Loss Recipes What I Eat

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hi everybody I’m so excited sorry forgive me I’ll be away for a long time I love that and I’m actually very excited to get in front of the camera you know and do a video I know I’m gonna wait for a while now and that is because yeah your girl needed a little break okay um to direct but mainly that was the main purpose I didn’t deserve it just happened I didn’t like run for it or even like that it just happened and then I was like okay then just go ahead and take a proper break because I started to have problems with my eyes because I was singing up really late at night sometimes here to edit and I was it was time to affects me I’ll be really for quite a long time now I edit moves that night that is for the keys like bad you know that I finished all my life you know tours and the keys are great that’s my edit so he said yeah my eyes a little bit and I knew I had to take a break anyway so I’m back now I hope you miss me did you miss me did you miss me yeah right in September my youngest child is gonna start sometimes school so I’m gonna have playing see more time to do my videos you know and it’s any daytime things like that so I can still get my sleep and not have any effect but you know how you guys are like before he’s fast videos you guys know I always come to distract you a little bit see so so this is gonna be my fresh meal and yeah what I thought you guys are smack in it because I’ve been away so you decided to start cheating I’m back now here our section is your sake confess now I’ve been cheating you’ve been doing Midnight’s miss Bennett no fiscal night I hope you have not given up with your intermittent fasting because I have not be posting videos hey confess in the comment section confess your sins ooh that’s it anyway I have a type of atom if you guys can see he keeps working on my nights using it for dr by eclipse anyway this knife i have so we gonna babysit a girl through this thing and it should be spot now okay so this particular um what you call it how do I do this way I always plan to do it if I don’t stop cuz then I’ll be out of range so let’s do it in a way that I don’t have to start and be out of range so there you go I don’t get this particular watermelon I already did it once a year so when it comes I talk about I chopped as much as I come before the next year comes yes Wow let’s get a table anyway so there we go huh this is looking good so to put our way and then we gonna stop futzing so the lighting that I had in the living room was so bright my Waterman was looking so pale so I decided to add this clip as you can see the lighting that I have in my chain actually it’s a lot more subtle so you can see the color of the water mental much much better I actually filmed a last year or something and I didn’t come around to edit in it so isn’t very useful now anyway for this video so I’m happy with that look at that beautiful use my kids likes drinking this but I actually prefer to eat the whole through or nibbling on some ice cube it’s very hot in England at the moment oh I can smell it smells so nice okay sorry wait let me put some in my mouth oh my god it’s so sweet so so sweet mmm this is sweet oh I have advanced method yeah I put a minute to put in the fridge so I just finished all this right now this is all what I had okay that’s just the pieces of it and I’m already full like literally very full so here we are guys I’m ready the next clip you’re gonna see it’s gonna be my next email alright so in this meal I will be using some tamari Organic tamari soy sauce you can do without this alright um I’m also gonna be using some sugar snap peas you can replace it with normal peas or beans anything and I have here some ponies you can use spring onions as well some courage and I have here is my usual you know hot sauce this hot sauce I make from my tomatoes onions pepper and ginger alright blend it together and I’m also going to use some rice some cooked rice all right and I’m going to fry basically gonna stir fry in coconut oil and I also have some mushrooms that I’m going to add to this this whole meal of the day alcohol a it or milk line is actually vegan friendly I’m surprised there’s no me in there yeah I do not me but you know so to every ingredient that we have to pay to your tastes of course and then we can start stir fry so here I have a very much fun and I’m going to add my coconut oil let it heat up really nicely and then I’m gonna add my onion stir fry that medic caramelized I guess and then go ahead and add all your other vegetables I usually go in with a mushroom first and then I actually add some salts to the mushrooms alright so I’m using some Himalayan pink salt here you can use them any other one you have and then step fry just a little bit and then we’re gonna go ahead and add our vegetables so add all your vegetables in there in then you’re gonna continue to stir fry I’m using a very high heat sphere so when you stir fry for a while add go ahead and add your own hot sauce and what I’m gonna do here to allow my vegetables to cook really well I’m going to cover it up and that is to you get for about a minute or so I still prefer my vegetable Frankie so yeah just do that for just about a minute and then we’re gonna go ahead and add our rice all right so I’ve made this rice like the day before so go ahead in the stir fry your your what do we call it step by rice with beautiful stepper eyes anyway so go ahead and fry this all up when I’ve always done I’m gonna go ahead and then I add my soya sauce and then I continue to fry yes for about emanate less than a minute at this point and then I am done it’s very very quick guys very very quick um and yeah you will love it I personally love these places the Allah because is so quick to make basically very quick and about this much that I just prepared right nice that’ll be good enough for two people um so this is this is my portion size anyway um the one on the plate is that performing it guys so there you go I hope you guys enjoyed this video definitely I look like this thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you all in the next one ..

People make fasting more complicated than it needs to be. We believe in keeping it simple and seeing results – you can always experiment after that. If you’re new here make sure and take a look at our free audiobook offer Eat Stop Eat Making Fasting Simple Again (And Seeing Real Results).

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