Intermittent Fasting – Full Approach And Example Day

Intermittent Fasting – Full Approach And Example Day

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People make fasting more complicated than it needs to be. We believe in keeping it simple and seeing results – you can always experiment after that. If you’re new here make sure and take a look at our free audiobook offer Eat Stop Eat Making Fasting Simple Again (And Seeing Real Results).


what’s going on guys Mariah never considered aesthetic today is Tuesday I decided to vlog again because today is pretty much one week after I started my shot inside of my cut exactly one week ago so far so good pretty much have been able to stick to the macros this weekend I did go clubbing but I did kind of like make up for it and everything so that was all good afterwards I didn’t I actually weighed lower so that’s good usually one thing about alcohol by the way the day afterwards you will weigh a little bit lower because alcohol actually dehydrates you alright so a lot of people when they even bench and drink alcohol they may weigh same the next day and they’re like holy shit man I fucked up but I didn’t fuck y’all because I’m waiting to say that weight may still come on in the next couple day so that’s something you have to take into account with that said I also was my birthday yesterday so am I turned 22 didn’t flunk that particular day wasn’t too exciting either to be honest it was International Jazz Monday so that was obviously way more important so I did eat out today before but again I kind of accounted for that in my macros I just fasted for the whole day and then I ate out and that’s kind of thing I want to talk about today’s and red is fasting so stay tuned let’s get this book started so integrative fasting is something most of you are probably familiar with but I noticed on my last leaf eating a lot of people actually requested for me to kind of like show how long I says how I do in R in fasting so quick explanation here I actually have a detailed video on inverted fasting so make sure to check it out I put a link description box down below intermittent fasting is basically skipping breakfast fasting for the majority of the day very often it’s fasting for 16 hours and having an eating window of eight hours in which you fit in all your foods for today because at the end of the day when it comes to building a physique building muscle losing fat it comes down to your daily total caloric and macronutrient intake all right so back in the day a lot of people thought you have to eat every single two hours to speed up your metabolism to constantly provide your body with nutrients in order to build muscle alright those myths have been debunked right now there is so much science on this subject but back in the day a lot of people believe this even magazines promoted you know not skipping breakfast because breakfast is the most important meal of the day right now we’re in 2017 has been has done a lot of research and I know is that even newspapers right now they switch around the subject so they’ve also found out that intermittent fasting can be helpful and can actually be beneficial to your health as well for me personally it also has a lot of mental benefits I do most of my work when I fasted a lot of you are going to be like hell no that’s not possible if you’re fasted you’re going to die you’re going to starve because you don’t have food in your system you need breakfast in order to have energy well that’s fucking wrong and I’m going to show you guys how it’s done first of all you will think this is not possible but once you start it it’s so goddamn easy to make sure life a whole lot more enjoyable trust me there we go to what I do I always grab a bottle just wears nothing in there another fill it up with water and I tip when I want to have litres I have it it like literally ten minutes so that’s really I would start with a lot of water and recommend the same thing for everybody like mostly probably watching has to go to the university or have to go you know to work or to school anything you just want to pound down a shitload of water before you actually leave the house if you don’t drink water while you are fasting you’re going to die or I trust me so that’s kind of the problem with people they think they can do intermittent fasting because they don’t drink water and then they try to fast well that’s going wrong you got to drink a lot of water because when you wake up your body is not grating for food it is craving for water and it kind of feels like the same feeling so a lot of people think you have to you know eat but they don’t they have to drink another thing you cannot drink orange juices or any you know caloric drinks milk etc you have to drink water alright because water doesn’t take calories Bryce’s about two hours later now so far I’ve only had water shitload of it but I’m starting to get a little bit hungry so I’m going to pull out my secret weapon so I’ve been working on I’m going to work for another couple hours so this is my office but as you can see it’s pretty like frickin messy as shit because I moved in this treadmill so now I still gotta like restructure all that kind of stuff there but yeah that’s it so what we’re going to do is we’re actually going to get some coffee going because that is the secret weapon I try to like postpone to copy and then happen once I get hungry after I drink a lot of water there we go so that’s the first comfy of the day don’t we never beat I am indifferent Emily ends day I was not a fan period reference we have a what I like to do they make three passes something I normally don’t do but it’s one part now easy exercises do is real life and that serious is not mathematics was it something that I first did like do the peeper is is God the lower my counties will get and also the more my husband variable P electric ask myself that don’t have life is more neutral day which is more my chest area so physically big boot it is smaller time frame that’s less like he we gotta come by set that’s all these two studies and classes let me just also do so extended the time window before you get into your stuff so that’s now a frenzy Delilah half the reason don’t think I get to play celeb and with 2654 it out let’s go together and get out a little bit my cousin about is worthless does what I know many factories that that’s nothing we work with the zebra hands my god the hardest I mean where’s my happened today I will accent a fascist leaders when you got so many lessons a week they said this was going out so they took a little different but what you could pass was very important to get you before work out I got a little present morning water super force gang as well especially to work out right now always make sure a factory worker Els without the employees giving human back so all these you have to work out jockey or captain still very conservative this is work out work out I’m hitting today is slightly different than usual the whole week actually because number fourteen instructional video so I’m doing every single exercise for every single body part update the bag day yesterday as I said the guy named a July yet did it every single exercise a pretty much exist for chest or does not like to do and I have my clients do if it’s not literally every exercise well a lot of exercise right so I’m going to show you lightweight because the volume is crazy high I’m doing two sets for exercise not like properly show it so from the front and side row back and I’m like I have an insane fuck for this day even though I would lighted shit my body’s help you not use this amount of volume so that’s pretty crazy did we go to completely different to resell Nike shoe uses personal videos because I’m coming out with my own app to the Settings app and narrower I want to report everything outside so everybody see our every exercise properly executed so that’s I want to do in this week actually I’m going to get back into my regular foot flexed so I just got back from there work out there as you can see it wasn’t that exciting obviously you have to perform every single exercise perfect straight form to show you guys you know the perfect execution of every single exercise so the plan was to do back also some rear delts and traps but I didn’t get to it because like back has so many different exercises angles variations so I did like just shifts on exercises I’m completely fried actually even though I went very lightweight volume is absolutely insane so that’s that this whole week’s training is going to be based towards that project good thing about recording exercises you only have to do this once in your life and then you have all the exercises down so it’s a great thing to do so I got three days left in shooting and then I’m done my chest is already sore Acela my back is probably going to be really messed up tomorrow as well so I just checked in the fridge and I don’t have any food right I’m still fasted so I’m actually going to go through a grocery store but meanwhile I’m going to have some food so this is just one protein bar I got the caramel peanut flavor here for my protein okay so quick run through some stuff that I got so first of all a bunch of vegetables then you got some apples you know arise spinach sauce for my chicken and rice noodles rice gay turkey filet cherry tomatoes kinking itself or protein acts as a protein source as well some blueberries I like to put those in my scare actually some gingerbread with zero sugar which I like that from time to time as my carb source and I’m this pretty much it after I’ve been traveling for one month I told myself I was never going to eat ken two and again but here we are it’s just too goddamn simple say so much sighs when a guy here is the holy macaroni tuna some green pesto and cherry tomatoes so it’s about two hours later now I’ve been working here right now I’m going to do some cardio what I like to do that’s amusing and then I’m obviously get a treadmill put it on right so i got 5naf calories an hour 12 percent incline and i do this for 20 minutes right now every single day cool thing is actually got Spotify there on my macbook but I can also like adjust sound and songs etc from my i. Phone alright cardio dog one benefit about doing cardio at home is that you get oppositely do it shirtless which it’s pretty damn cool but anyway I’m gonna take a shower right now check it with you afterwards so why now it’s 8 o’clock I’m actually about to get my second meal rolling so you guys can imagine the second meal at 8 o’clock sounds very weird but that it’s got like Beauty but it is fasting so you say most your calories per day for later at night so that you really like to deal with those cravings right a lot of people they are not really hungry in the morning and what would you eat in the morning why would you waste those calories where you can put them to use in the evening when everybody’s hungry everybody wants to be eating at night all right it’s how the world is this is how works ok great story anyway right now what I’m going to make all right so I guess chicken that I picked out this is 600 grams going to cook up all of it so I can actually use it for 3 days which I preferred today I found out something I’m going to do something differently than I normally do believe it or not so I got 400 grams of veggies here I noticed that usually I get 250 grams of fresh veggies of this one that one is 1 euro at $0.50 this one happened to be 2 euros so it’s only 50 cents more expensive there’s like almost double the amount of veggies in here so I’m just going to eat a crazy load of veggies with my chicken our rice meal from now on because it’s pretty much as expensive and fatties don’t get take that many calories so it’s amazing during my cutting phase this is honestly a shitload it almost doesn’t fit earlier like wow well certainly those a good meal there fill me up pretty well because all of the vegetables or right side you could say fiber which is why they are very important during cutting phase not just to get your fiber intake in but also to remain fool fulfilled during the day right and now with that said integrated fasting helps with that as well so one thing that I kinda want to stress about aerated fasting in this video is that it’s not a magical thing you know somehow it is a magical thing all right for fat loss a magical tool but it does not magically make you burn fat if you use intermittent fasting your diet also has to be in check you have to know what you are doing I like the eight hour eating window and a 16 hour fast is it’s not a magical number right that’s just something people did that’s just kind of like a guideline right it is smart for yourself to set like an eating window because in that case you will not bench and you will you know you will start eating ones the eating window starts so that is kind of like a good idea what I’m personally doing right now my eating window starts at 2 o’clock later in this fast what kind of postponed it today I did a little bit later because I trade fasted which is what I normally don’t do but yeah so my fasting hours will be a little bit different I usually eat up until I go to sleep pretty much so I eat my last meal usually around 11 or 12 o’clock and then I start eating at 2 o’clock in the afternoon so that’s a lot shorter fasting time that most people do with the 16 and 8 hours but that’s how I personally like it so to give you guys an idea of my personal approach I’ll actually put kind of like my approach on the screen that’s how a normal day would look for me once I wake up until I go to sleep how I passed and how I get through my past and I’m I find it the most enjoyable way of dieting you can use it as a tool you can use it later into your diet you don’t have to do intermittent fasting every single day it’s not something you have to do right it’s pretty much a tool for fat loss and pretty much just a tool to make it easier for you to adhere to your macronutrient targets and that is literally it it’s just easier for you to stick to your daily calories if you were fasting for a lot of people not for everybody it is not for everybody but for a lot of people it is and before you try it out don’t say that you cannot go some hours without eating just just don’t tell me it try it out yourself first before you tell me anything try out the water like isolate this morning try out the coffee or any other source of caffeine and tell me that you cannot do it Sassie it is so simple first couple days are going to be a little bit harder alright I’m not going to lie the first week may be a little bit hard but after that you will adapt to it I’ve done it for about a year right now I haven’t done it every single day during the last year I pretty much did intermittent fasting 70 to 80 percent of the time because I simply love it makes my life easier and especially on days that I drink out goal and eat out I use an emotive fast so with that said I actually want to wrap up this vlog here because I’m about to head out for the night I have a lot of calories laughs and macros obviously so I’ll probably have like one more huge meal but probably two I like to have like not too big of a meal and I think I have like over a thousand calories left early 1500 so that will make up for an epic feast or I could even have alcohol if I wanted to so that’s pretty awesome in one of the next coming videos I’m going to talk more specifically about alcohol as well and about high Q’s and what it fasting to drink alcohol moderately etc how I do it how you can do is and I’m going to share everything with you guys so if you guys thought this video it’s kind of like a formative on a fasting or if you just enjoy the vlog then make sure to give this video a thumbs up and make sure to let me know in the comments down below subscribe to the channel for more videos because a lot of new guys that is covered as always thank you guys for watching and peace out get you it you ..

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Comment (13)

  1. Don’t really use IF anymore. And I’m still shredded. It does work but I don’t see it being a “better” option.

  2. Student Aesthetics, i been doing IF since a little over a week now and it feels great!
    I been fallowing Greg’s advice on fasting so i treat myself at night by eating only ONE chocoalte bar/popchips.
    I love doing it like that because it takes care of my cravings.
    Point is, i fast for 10 hours after i rise and its really easy as im not a big eater. I also eat 1900 calories as greg recommends staying around maintance and i am leaning down very slowly but i AM leaning down.
    I have a 4 hour eating window, what do you think of that?

  3. Hey bro, currently cutting and using IF, any negatives about training fasted as opposed to fed? I train around 11 and like to have a banana and shake before as Im worried around training fasted all the time

  4. Hi!

    I have been training for some months now, and have gotten some noob gains. However, I have not focused on upper chest that much since i didn’t know shit about chest training ect. Now my lower pecs are dominant and it looks kinda strange from the side in the miror. I almost only did flat bench… Now i have a real program that includes upper chest work.

    My question is: Will following this program (which is not especially focused towards upper chest) even out my chest, or should i make some adjustments to my training routine? My concern is that if i for instance start with upper chest exercises before i do flat bench, to exhaust the upper chest, it will slow down my strenght gains.

    Any response/advice would be great! 🙂

  5. Haven’t watched this yet, however I can take a good guess as to what Merijn had:

    Impact whey
    Black coffee (during his fast)

    Bonus guess: Merijn said the ‘gaainnsss’ on multiple occasions. Was I close?

    PS – happy birthday from Monday Merijn!

  6. “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” -William Kellogg, founder of Kellogg cereals. He coined this phrase in one of the companies first marketing campaigns.


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