Intermittent Fasting And Bowel Movements

Intermittent Fasting And Bowel Movements

Today’s video is all about how my bowel movements have been affected by intermittent fasting.

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Intermittent fasting for women.

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how does intermittent fasting affect your bowel movements let’s talk about that so this video might be too much information for some of you out there and that’s okay you can just go on to the next video but this is actually something I have been asked about a lot and it’s been so frequent that I thought you know it does it’s probably a good idea to make a video about this when it comes to intermittent fasting when I was at about a 16 8 I really didn’t notice any kind of differences at all but as I got into longer fasts and especially into o. MAD I did start to notice some minor differences one thing I’ve noticed is that I poop less often when I was you know overweight or even when I was doing you know shorter fasting windows I did find it you know I was going you know twice a day or sometimes even more than that but now it’s generally once a day sometimes I go a couple of days in between the time but it’s really not an issue I still feel fine and everything comes out okay in the end some people in the comment section have asked about constipation which is not something that I have had to deal with I’ve never really been one to get constipated very frequently anyway and I also drink three cups of coffee a day which I think helps keep me regular I also tend to eat a lot of fiber like you know beans and things like that throughout the week and I think that helps as well I also try to drink plenty of water and I would encourage you if you are experiencing constipation be sure to ask your doctor about it and then you know get their take on it there is one thing that has been something that I’ve certainly never experienced until I started doing OMAD and that is a thing called dumping syndrome and I never have any kind of special food that I break the fast with or anything but there’s this one thing that has happened to me a couple of times now and apparently it has to do with chocolate and especially like a high quality chocolate if I am currently in a very fasted state so what I’m calling that is like you know if I’ve eaten supper the night before and let’s say it’s in the afternoon the next day so not 24 hours but let’s say around 20 hours or so if I eat only a high quality chocolate something you know that’s just really really good that causes dumping syndrome for me which is basically severe diarrhea and similarly a few months ago I kind of got the idea hey I wonder if I put you know like a tablespoon of cocoa into my coffee how how would that be you know would it make it taste good or something like that and sure enough I experienced dumping syndrome again so I’ve made it a rule to avoid those things when it comes to fasting so I if I’m going to have chocolate that’s fine I just have it with a meal and I don’t ever put cocoa powder into my coffee ever so that’s been my experience with bowel movements as it relates to intermittent fasting really overall not much change just those couple of things where I’m a bit more careful about what I eat in isolation and if you feel comfortable sharing about this in the comment section that would be great don’t let me be the only one talking about this I know it really can help people though if they see that other people are experiencing these things and be sure to put that in the comments below okay thanks for watching be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe down below..

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  1. I’m Vegan. Every morning and sometimes 2X or even 3X a day. Animal flesh sits in your colon a ‘long’ time and if you eat a lot of oil…that will bung you up too. Fibre and lots of water helps you eliminate more often. So eliminating is not an issue at all for me.

  2. Well elimination is a fact of life. Coffee has magnesium so that is why it is helpful in this area. And if (like me) you already take magnesium supplements, it’s easy to stay ‘regular’.

  3. What about drinking? I find when I’m fasting and busy I forget to drink water/coffee anything really and then I find I’m constipated (a bit)and I really don’t even have the urge to drink I don’t feel thirsty is this something I should just make my self drink water or drink water when thirst is felt?

  4. When I think about it, I haven’t had any constipation since doing IF. Once a day has been my norm with the occasional twice a day depending on how much fruit, vegetables, and oil I’ve consumed. Unless you have extreme health issues, this is something we all have to do! No need to be embarrassed about it. My mother used to tell us kids, that if we didn’t do it we’d probably be dead. Extreme, but true.

  5. When I worked at the nursing home we had a lady that would not poop very often, so we gave her a small peace of chocolate now and ten. Problems solved.. NonnaGrace

  6. I have ulcerative colitis. Since beginning 16/8, I’ve noticed it’s relieved some of my symptoms. I go to the bathroom around 8-10 a day which seems like a lot but is actually half as much as I used to go. Fasting gives my poor digestive system a break. More importanT than the number of times I go is the amount of pain and blood has lessened probably due to the fact that I can finally get some sleep since I’m not going to the bathroom all night and I allow my body to spend more time healing rather than digesting.

  7. Thanks Kayla i go twice or three times a week i feel good i think cause im eating less food now thank you for doing this video there going to see its normal to have less bowel movements when omad fasting

  8. Never heard it called that before. Last couple of weeks I have had that happen and figured it might be my dark chocolate. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Kayla you are my inspiration. I’m on day 5 now and feel good. My question is did you start your OMAD with treating yourself on Sunday’s from the beginning ? You mention this is a cheat day. Just wondered if you started with this. I’m a bit afraid to cause I don’t want to go off track.


  10. I have always only had a bowel movement every 2 or 3 days no matter what or how much I eat so I really don’t see any difference at all. 🙂


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