How To Lose Weight Fast 10 Kgs In 10 Days / 1000 Calorie Weight Loss Plan

How To Lose Weight Fast 10 Kgs In 10 Days / 1000 Calorie Weight Loss Plan

How to Lose Weight Fast 10kg in 10 days. 1000 Calorie Weight Loss Plan. Meal Plan / Veg Meal Plan to lose 10kgs in 10 days / 22 LBS. Simple, Easy and Effective Diet for weight loss or follow to maintain your weight. Delicious & Low Cost. Tried & Tested!

People make fasting more complicated than it needs to be. We believe in keeping it simple and seeing results – you can always experiment after that. If you’re new here make sure and take a look at our free audiobook offer Eat Stop Eat Making Fasting Simple Again (And Seeing Real Results).

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P.S: This diet plan is for both Vegetarians and Vegans.

Vegans can substitute dairy products like yogurt and milk with Vegan substitutes like almond milk, almond yogurt, soy milk etc.

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hi guys and today I’m going to share a thousand calorie wagon main plan to help you lose seven to ten kilos in ten days it’s a simple easy safe and cost effective weight loss diet plan which will help you achieve the desired results this is not going to be a boring diet plan that boiled or raw veggies rather I’ve customized it taking taste and nutrition into consideration so let’s get started with this delicious meal plan start your day with a breakfast which will include a sweet potato green tea and an apple boil 200 grams of sweet potato and cut it in wedges dry roast them on a non stick pan and then sprinkle salt as per taste along with dried herbs like oregano chili flakes at the trap saute for a minute then drizzle one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil in the end garnish with some grated carrot and finely chopped cilantro leaves and serve hot with a cup of warm green tea and an apple sweet potatoes contain a high amount of fiber and supports weight loss by curbing the appetite and reducing the temptation to overeat green tea contains bioactive substances like caffeine and etcd which can have powerful effects on metabolism and help release fat into the bloodstream making it available as energy apples are high in fiber and are a natural fat blocker you can have any variety of Apple you lie in the lunch have a cup of oats carrot raita and an apple to make the Reta take 300 grams of beaten yogurt in a cup great a hundred grams of carrot and keep aside now dry those two tablespoons of ODEs and Granite until fine add the powdered oats to Kurt and mix well then add the grated carrots with salt and give it a mix in the end dry roast 1/4 teaspoon of mustard seeds along with few curry leaves and a dried red chilli temper the raita and it’s ready to be consumed and is very delicious yogurt is low in calories and fat and high in proteins and vitamins the calcium in the yogurt signals your fat cells to pump out less cortisol making it easier for you to drop pounds while the amino acids are help burn fat carrots are low in calories and high in fiber and promote a weight loss oats have a higher and better balance of protein and essential fatty acids in the evening have a cup of kala chana also known as Bengal gram or black chickpeas salad with a cup of warm green tea to make the salad take a cup of boiled chickpeas and some chopped onion tomato coriander and green or red chillies next add one teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil 1/2 a teaspoon of cumin powder along with salt and lemon juice and mix well have it with a cup of green tea chickpeas are known to be an effective natural aid for weight loss due to their high fiber content and are one of the best source of dietary protein for vegetarians instead of black grams you can opt for any other legumes you like coriander is rich in fiber and aids in digestion green chili is an anti obesity agent and it burns a lot of calories and helps in digestion for dinner have a bowl of oats with a cup of warm green tea doing sure to add flax seeds in oatmeal and you can optionally add fruits you like oats are one of the top healthiest foods it contains a more soluble fiber than any other grain resulting in slower die edition a feeling of fullness and suppression of appetite flax seeds have omega 3 which makes your brain feel content and health stop cravings you can check the video now to make green tea and oats in my channel this diet fulfills the nutritional requirement for the day hence you can continue with this plan even beyond 10 days stay positive and follow this diet plan without skipping the meals also indulge in some mind exercise or a 15 minutes fast walk and you will certainly see the results do subscribe and stay connected until I see you soon with yet another Bao fact video till then eat healthy and stay light bye bye..

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Comment (2)

  1. Breakfast :- sweet potato + apple + green tea
    Lunch:- oats carrot raita + apple
    Evening :- Kala chana Bhel + green tea
    Dinner:- oats + green tea

  2. Hi everyone..main te mere hubby ne v ajj eh diet plan strt kita a..all day I was ok. but in the evening main sick ho gyi. vomiting a gyia mere hubby thik rhe he was at work. kehnde light feel krda c…nd main ta eve nu indian tea bna k pi li..nd main keha main ni krni dieting..nd aftr that I can’t believe my eyes I have lost nearly 1kg weight. after that on track fer lol..hope it helps me. good luck everyone who’s following this.xx


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