Fasting Results Update – Did We Gain All The Weight Back!? 11 Things We Learned.

Fasting Results Update – Did We Gain All The Weight Back!? 11 Things We Learned.

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what’s up guys you know we just got done with a four day 96 hour ah pretty tough pretty fun glad we did it yep I’ll link the video to our 96 hour fest below documenting our experience I lost 10 pounds in the four days mega left for five but not okay I lost four and then additional sound the next day yes when she did she only had a little bit of food to break her fast here’s the before and after pictures check them out so you can definitely see we look like leaner skinnier skinnier the word I do not necessarily like in a good way snap but here not better and just a quick update we’re filming this three days after our best we’ve got some time to sleep on it think about things more time distance from the experience and also a quick update on our weights I’ve gained four pounds I have gained none pretty expected a lot of it for me is just water retention and a lot of the weight loss is also just water so nothing crazy to outside of the ordinary just the weight loss ten pounds is more than I was expecting for sure so let’s talk eleven I’m only doing ten things we learned from no food for 96 hours number one you’ll be fine without food allowed to believe that missing a meal missing a couple meals you’ll faint you’ll pass out you’ll starvation mode that’s absolutely false and we can attest to that with our 96 hour fast we’re going to have a video on the myths around fasting also your body and I guarantee you is in a state right now where it could last them what it has for longer than a day two days three days if you’re thinking about diving into an extended fast obviously there’s some risk involved with that anything overly three days a little bit of risk like you might want to see a doctor we didn’t see a doctor just be careful with like long fast yeah and a big takeaway for me is it was honestly like a trip like a almost similar to like an acid trip it was you for it it’s an experience in itself and you like to have that experience you remember that experience and now we’re out of it yeah I mean when we were eating our meals it was like we were sitting around a campfire like talking about the experience we had to hunger is mostly mental in which we all kind of know I really like pinpointed this when maybe 60 hours into the fast I would like starving I was like all I want to do is eat I can’t move I’m laying here megapoor food into my mouth and I’ll be happy but then like 80 hours then I’m like I feel incredible right now I can sit on my computer do a ton of work so it really makes you question like I should be hungrier now than I was 20 hours ago why am I not hungrier right which points to the fact that your hunger also goes in waves and your hormones play into it so if you if you surpass the point of where hormones telling you you’re hungry all of a sudden you’re not hungry and that’s just how our bodies fluctuate and work and so yeah a large part of it is mental you can fight through or not even fight through you can just sit through feeling hungry three we were very bored without food I guess a lot of it is also because we run a food blog and stuff so food is highly integrated into our lives and we like energy so we’re just like oh let’s lay on the couch and what show what show I want food at 5: 00 p. m. at night I was just waiting to go to bed I’m like how much longer till how many more show is until I go to bed and wake up the next day and then get through that day so then eventually I can eat again yeah I mean you’re not always hungry a lot of the time you’re bored or it seems appropriate socially like oh I’m at the movie theater oh I’m a vent oh I’m in front of the TV with my boyfriend who is eating I should also be eating for coffee sucks and this is coming from a coffee connoisseur huge needs coffee or will die like that’s how he feels about it things that you think you need the most important thing in your life coffee’s up there for me top 10 like I have it every day two cups a day no matter what I realize like I don’t love the taste of coffee I love caffeine I love putting delicious creamer butter MCT oil in my coffee and drinking at coffee on its own it’s fine like I’ll drink a cup a day but it’s nothing special and I’ve also read a lot of accounts of people quitting smoking I read a lot of accounts of people just really correcting other bad habits I noticed for myself I wasn’t biting my nails as much just a lot of things 5 lots of myths guys this is when we learned real fast when we posted on our IG that we haven’t eaten in 48 hours people went nuts they’re like you guys are insane nutrient deficiency starvation mode you’re going to pass out it’s weird to me too because people who are doing keto are already kind of questioning the status quo so it’s weird to me that they’re then shutting it down at that point and then I like oh fasting maybe has some benefits let me look into this there’s like no I don’t do fasting so bad 48 hour fast is ridiculous why would you ever do that and then just shut it out of your life that’s what a lot of the experiment was also to put this video these videos out for you to help you gain some insight so you can maybe take it on and a lot of you were surprisingly supportive yep or very supportive and ask questions like why instead of no and so we also thank you for the support and love during the fast it was tough I like that why instead of no six food makes us happy and boys does if you watch our video that’s literally what we say in the first like five seconds after first bike food makes you extremely happy makes me really happy and when you don’t have it you realize that there are so many other things that could make you happy that you’re not allowing to be fulfilled like your goals for instance like the weight loss like I don’t know just putting more time into learning how to build a computer whatever you want you could do all of those things if food wasn’t such a happy blockage 7 you can reevaluate your relationship with food and you pick up on a lot of things after I broke my fat I was really like eating and then thinking about it and like feeling how that food made me feel like am i full my feeling full yet yeah is this food what I need to fuel me I’m not just eating out of pleasure I noticed while on the test was I was a lot more in tune with my emotions I was slightly more emotional I would say and that’s like downplaying it when I’m happy when I’m stressed when I’m sad literally every emotion there is I see that with food but when you don’t have the food to be like oh I’m so happy I’m going to eat a sausage or I’m sad and stressed I’m going to sneak peanut butter my mouth with math not hear you when you don’t have the food to play into your emotion you kind of just feel them out and you’re like it’s okay that I feel this way right now I don’t need to like I don’t need to feed it with something I can just live in my emotions appreciate them and move on eight mental clarity this really kicked in for me on like day maybe parts of day three but really on day four and I’d even say after I broke my fast even the like the second night after breaking my fast I was like super high energy couldn’t even fall asleep at night which we’ll get into later I felt great like I felt like I hadn’t felt in a long time maybe even since starting Kido like the initial because when you go from standard American diet to Kido you really pick up like there’s a transitional okay this is how it’s possible to feel but once you’re on it for a long time it just kind of becomes the norm so it’s nice to feel a certain way again like you feel the rush you feel like you can just crank out a ton of work if you want to you’re very creative you’re putting words together really well I felt like that on day four five six there’s a lot of research behind the fact that fasting can like help with mental clarity or help with you know like rebooting those Kido effects you normally feel and especially when you’ve been on it for a long time it’s nice to be in touch with those again and appreciate what this diet actually does for us you know yeah I did some reading on it actually a lot of it stems from like if you are back in the caveman era and you haven’t had food in like four days your body is going to be working better and like you’ll be sharper because you have to be able to touch food it’s more critical for you now to be able to catch food your focus then one you’ve just eaten you know you’re fine you don’t need to be using all of this energy towards being mentally sharp and being physically strong nine there’s a lot more to life than just food you when you don’t have food you look to other things to satisfy you to fulfill the desires that food fills so you’re more productive it away you put your focus and your energy into other things but we were able to focus on other things and focus on one another it was nice time to also get back in touch with our relationship you can just dive a little deeper into other aspects of your life I would say like you know one day Maile came over to me and I just petted her for like 20 minutes I tried to train pop really hard yeah I was like I’m gonna train him immediately oh yeah you’d open to like a spiral on training dog yeah I was so frustrated number 10 so the last two are slightly negative actually they’re very negative things we experience and realize yeah sleep was severely impacted and I mean like pretty severe like yeah one night I probably got two solid hours of sleep if I’m going from let’s say on average an 8 out of 10 sleep these were like twos it might have just been like I was super high energy mentally like my mind was really racing at night sitting in bed but then we also felt very interested throughout the day and we would like nap and you know we felt Low Energy so I don’t know if I ever felt mentally low energy though I felt physically really low energy a lot of times both of us are feeling like this we’re both on the fast maybe there’s something that connects those two but this is also very personal and this is another thing that has also carried over like even the last two or three nights I haven’t slept well and finally 11 so lethargic we were we couldn’t do much at all like I personally could not focus on writing or reading emails or like just walking I did almost zero work for the entire fast I woke up and maybe got three solid hours of work I was pretty high energy in the morning but then we just watched a lot of TV shows and stuff even going out was really tough return to the shopping one and like we did shop and we got some stuff but like it was a struggle yeah so that was also very personal for us and a downside like had we had the mental clarity and energy we did post fast during fasts that would have been incredible yep I think some people do say though if you go longer like if you’re on day ten you’re going to be feeling pretty good high energy that’s what I’ve read I’ve never done it so I can’t say for sure alright guys so that was you know our whole perspective has changed with food and we want to share with you what we learned if you ever do a fast definitely do your research definitely seek medical advice yeah and mentally prepare yourself that was huge for me I mentally prepared about the four the five a path and that helped ease into it don’t decide the night before I’m going to start a fast like this has to be something you’re planning out think of it like a camping trip like you got to pack your tent you got to pack your sleeping bags that’s how you should be planning for this fad that’s it though guys it was a good experience something I’d say is worth doing ..

People make fasting more complicated than it needs to be. We believe in keeping it simple and seeing results – you can always experiment after that. If you’re new here make sure and take a look at our free audiobook offer Eat Stop Eat Making Fasting Simple Again (And Seeing Real Results).

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  1. Long term water fast, while u on keto, is absolutely amazing. U r able to loose body fat without muscle loss and actually keep it off.
    I ve done it multiple times, building my way to a really low bf percentage.
    I m not saying that you need it, definitely no. But is it healthy, are there any long term benefits, is it worth it? YES, at least for me.
    P.S. female, keto, omad, sugar free, dairy free, water fasting day 6

  2. Have you guys read the “complete guide to fasting” by dr. Jason Fung? It’s awesome.
    And considering the money you save on food while fasting it’s basically free.

  3. Love this! Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I agree, food is more mindset than actual hunger. My husband and I did our own little fast last weekend and it was surprising how the hunger came in waves. We also experienced that “boredom” and realized how much we eat for entertainment.

  4. I have fasted 3 times, first time was 3 days, second time was 7 days and the last time was 14 days. I found that my sleep improved on all 3 fasts that I did.

  5. I love this channel! I just finished a 96 hour fast. I’ve been doing Keto for a bit along with IF, shortening my eating window over time. Anyhow I just wanted to say I agree with you guys on SO many of these things! I wanted to share how my experience differed from yours. I tapered myself off of caffeine over a two week period before i started my water fast. To begin with I have a kid, so no matter what I was still cooking for my family at least a couple times a day. Also I had no time to sit around and be lethargic, life keeps moving around here whether I’m stuffing my face or not! I was exhausted by the end of my evenings, I wanted nothing more than my bed. I slept a good 6-7 hours. By my 4th day I felt good, but I have a much greater percentage of body fat than you both. Also I struggled with trying to eat again. By that point my body didn’t want it. I started off with broth and worked up to very little bites of avocado, my body still said NAY! Overall I would have to say that the hardest part of the whole experience for me was trying to get back to eating. My mind was saying “FOOD!!”, my belly was like “Foreign object! EVACUATE!”
    OH and the thing i didnt hear you guys mention…. the heartburn yo! Man, I wish I had been a little more prepared for that. Still something to experience to change your perspective on food. Thanks guys, you’re awesome!

  6. Uhg if i hear Starvation mode one more time lol i have plenty of fat to burn no way my body is starving lol most annoying myth ever. Working on 42 hour alternate day fasting this week. Im excited about it. I feel accomplished when i fast

  7. While you were fasting I was too. I pulled 100 hours. Slept well, less than normal wich for me is great. Salty water with a spoon of apple cider vinegar tasted like roasted beef to me! Lol. But definitely the worst was BOREDOM and not having the pleasure of feeling the taste of food, just the pleasure of it. Surprisingly I drank less coffee than usual, like the anxious drinking dropped. Anxiety was a little high during the whole thing but I guess it was because of the novelty and because I didn’t know how I would feel. Next fast it won’t be a problem

  8. I’m currently 62 hours into my fasting journey and it’s kind of crazy how not hungry I am right now. It’s kind of surreal.

  9. I started keto last spring, eased in. Got serious in June. I added IF in June as well, I’ve gone 36 hours fasted several times and this winter will likely do longer sessions of IF. I’m recovering from Lyme, was actually pretty much crippled and was very ill. I can’t EVEN tell you the changes that have happened since I started all this. I’m back in the gym, dropped several dress sizes, can walk miles at a time and look and feel so much better. The IF is actually really beneficial when done properly, esp if you’ve got medical conditions that would benefit from lowered immune response and autophagy. I feel better today, at 54, than I have for a decade.

  10. I did a 28 day (was supposed to be 30 days) master cleanse fast. People lost their minds when I told them. They really don’t like their mentality of normal messed with. I had to explain so many times that I had done months of research prior to. And even that wasn’t good enough for many people.

  11. Such an honest and informative video, thanks! I’m going to start extending my intermittent fasting gradually. I’m not going to consult my doctor though. She’s as much help with Keto as my cat is with the housework.

  12. Some benefits of long fasts
    – Gives your insulin a total rest
    – after 72 hrs it resets your immune system. It goes into overdrive and will help you fight off sicknesses much easier
    – It eats “bad proteins” such as the proteins that get caught in the brain and cause Alzheimer’s and lose skin you get from losing huge amounts of weight
    – For those not in Ketosis, at the end of day 3 you WILL be in Ketosis, big time
    – After 5 days, your body naturally produces 6 times more Human Growth Hormone than you have since you were an adolescent

  13. I fasted entire month of March (31 days) it was easier as the days passed. I cooked meals everyday for my family. I’ve done many 7, 10, 14 day fasts the past few yrs and worked up to doing a full 31 days. I felt like a super hero after day 7.


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