Dietbet And Weight Loss (Keto, Intermittent Fasting, Hiit) Q&A Session

Dietbet And Weight Loss (Keto, Intermittent Fasting, Hiit) Q&A Session


my sideways okay so I guess if you live like this I was hoping to do it other way but it’s not working and it’s 8: 31 so welcome guys sorry about that it’s my first time going while I’m so I don’t really know what I’m doing Hey I’m so glad you’re here um sorry I’m on the screen if I had it sideways I wouldn’t be out of the screen but it’s my first time going life’s I don’t know what I’m doing but thank you guys for joining I wanted to have this session so that we could talk about weight loss Kido are you guys asking a lot of questions and I try and answer everything as quickly as I can but sometimes it’s hard to type everything onto the phone so let me try and read everything oh why don’t you see um I just wanted so badly so I decided to cheat and what’s funny is if I didn’t cheat with the sushi I probably would have lost a little more weight cucumber wraps really you like the cucumber wraps on the sushi oh it’s not my favorite I love I love the salmon which is the most fatty but you know on keto that’s fine the only problem is when you’re doing it with the rice so that’s always my issue I’m sorry guys I have like the I don’t think I had the flu but my whole family does and so I’m pretending that I don’t right even though my fevers at over 100 so I am trying my best to get better at this point I’m I apologize for being behind I’m putting out the workout for this week I have an adze workout that I wanted to put out but I cannot I haven’t been feeling good and I’m struggling to even get a workout in so I’m so sorry but I’m gonna get that out this week even if I’m like sweating profusely because I have 100 so guys ask any questions you have I’ve got the diet that’s coming up soon and I really wanna you know I’m really hoping to get get folks involved in that one because I think it’s really cool one thing that’s happening with the diet bets cuz just to go kind of let you guys know when I lost my weight I lost a lot of it doing things like weight loss challenges so it was just really cool for me to to see a challenge and kind of push myself to lose some weight during that challenge and then I I kind of figured out a transition plan out of the challenge so I wouldn’t gain the weight back so it’s just it worked for me really well and I kind of like diet that’s because we do you do any 24 hour pass or more so I’ll say this for the diet but I really like it just because I’m able to because you’re able to kind of get your money back when you lose the weight so I think it’s the coolest thing in the world do I do 24 hour fast yes I don’t do them very often if I am just feeling sluggish and and down and not I’ve been eating poorly over and over again for several days then I will do a 24 hour fast usually it’s a water fast and and sometimes I’ll do the Master Cleanse I’ve done the Master Cleanse several times and I used to do it for weight loss but now I actually try and do it more so for just health and to cleanse your body into detox so I’ll do that like once a year and sometimes I’ll do it just at a minimum seven days and up to fifteen or sixteen days so I think 16 days the longest I’ve ever done it what do you think of the higher protein moderate fat that Tami does actually that’s what I do too for keto I actually do higher protein moderate fat I’m not a I’m not comfortable with eating a ton ton ton of fat and all my facts are health I’m actually gonna do a video on on Howard Aikido I do I don’t do a ton of that from animal fats like that so usually I’m usually from avocados and oils and things like that and I know everyone has a different way of doing keto some people are just like animal meat they’re just eaten tons of pork tons of beef and you know just the fattiest version that they can find and they’re still losing weight so I mean the good news is that as long as you keep your carbs low you’re gonna lose weight on keto it’s just it depends I mean just people just do the fats differently so some people will do extremely high fats I mean something like 70 percent of the calories are coming from fat I just can’t do that I’ve tried that before and it actually didn’t work well for me like it I was losing weight but I felt nauseous all the time and when I reduced the fat is actually when I felt a little better so I kind of do a moderate fat version hey Jeff I think that says Jeff the killer something like that so yeah that’s kind of what I do with keto and it’s worked really well for me so far sorry I don’t it takes a little I think you were saying that you had some pork right rice sorry I’m so sorry baby I didn’t read that fast enough and it did went away from my screen faster than I expected so I apologize for that but um let me see one protein to fat ratio and felt so much better 100 grams of fat and 100 grams of protein 20 net carbs so you’re doing equal fat to protein that’s that’s actually that makes sense you know that actually makes some sense cuz a lot of folks say not a ton of fat not at arms are not a ton of protein the protein is something like 10 percent if you touch this cream it will come back thank you so much Tami okay oh my goodness thank you so much so yeah a lot of folks will do a higher fat than than what I would do and Simon you’re telling me about the keto Bible yeah and I’ve noticed that a lot of people you know they get their energy from fat and I know the fats are really good for for the body and for Aikido but for me I just I’ve always struggled with with eating that much fat every one time so this tea is supposed to help my immune system build up so I’m hoping that that works um so I’ll talk more about my weight loss if that’s if that’s helpful unless you guys have more questions coming up um thank you so much thanks Danny I’m so sorry I’m sick too I don’t know I thought I was gonna get past it somehow when the kids all get sick so do i and then my husband never get sick with it and I’m like and I tried to pretend that I wasn’t sick too you know and then my daughter of course because she’s always the caretaker she takes the thermometer across my forehead and it reads a hundred and I’m like I know I was feeling dizzy but now that I see the number I start to I get that much worse right because now now it’s real so but I’m hoping I’m trying to play off like I feel like if I tell myself I’m not sick then maybe my body would believe me so we’ll see how that works for us all right I’ll see you in a second mica thank you so much but let me see so so talking about weight loss right so when I think about you think oh man what do you think of oh man what is on that mama mama Brooks I don’t know what all that is I’m sorry is that an acronym for something oh one meal a day thank you okay so one meal a day you know here’s what’s funny with the one meal a day my mom ate one meal a day aren’t I like my entire life grown up right she always had ate one Miller day I didn’t realize that was intermittent fasting cuz I was a kid and I just knew that mom only ate one meal a day and it’s it always worked for her what’s funny is actually when she stopped eating one meal a day and started eating more she actually picked up a little more weight and had a little less energy so I’m almost wondering if she should go back to it I think each person has their own way of doing things I struggle I couldn’t do one meal a day personally because for me I I need to eat I’m with you Simon I would be starving if I had one meal a day I think especially with as hard as I work out I mean I’m I’m burning over a thousand calories in my workouts every day so if I was eating one meal a day I think I would just be I would have no energy honestly but that’s just that’s me you know I know that I need to eat a few times a day actually you know because even when I’m doing intermittent fasting I eat honestly three times a day I do my call it breakfast but it’s really just the first meal of day right it’s happening at noon so it’s not considered breakfast but I then and then I eat again in the evening but I also have a snack in between almonds or an applesauce if I’m not doing keto something like that so so I need to eat more than one meal a day as well so speaking of intermittent fasting you know there’s so many different ways of doing intermittent fasting and everyone has their own way I find that if I were to eat one meal a day yeah I don’t get cranky too Timmy if I had one meal a day I find that if I were to eat one meal a day and and it would be too large of a meal because in my mind I’d be starving and I’d say okay I have to eat everything right and so my plate would be insanely full at that point I would be holding so much on my body but after that massive meal I would be tired and sluggish and I was next day so really hard for me yeah I would say I would think about food all day too if I was only eating one meal a day every thought in my mind would be when is that this meal happening what time am I gonna eat I’d be I’d be checking my watch not just for the calorie burn but for that what time stuff it’s gonna be do you work out daily I don’t work out every single day I usually do anywhere between 3 & 5 days a week I try and get at least two rest days in and when I work out I do hit in the morning so it’s an hour of hit and then and then I do 30 minutes 30 to 45 minutes of cardio and then I’ll do some strength training about two days a week as well for me the best workouts have been hit hit workouts so that’s high intensity animal training so it’s essentially you’re doing five to seven exercises and you’re repeating them over and over you’re repeating them two to three times right and supersets for me it’s usually how I do it and then there’s cardio and mix in between with it’s cardio with a mix of also strength training so it works really well for me and yeah I do that for an hour 3 to 4 3 to 5 days a week and then I go and do like the bike usually the spin bike for about 30 minutes you know what you mentioned that you you like to work out and you want to work out but you start and then you you fall out of it I’ve got four kids two I’m right with you and I worked for I just stopped working in July because I was laid off and I would fall in and out of working out forever I mean I can’t tell you how long I fell am not at work probably ten years I would work out and I’d be going hard for like a month do you drink any protein shakes I do drink the protein shakes but not right after my workouts cuz I’m usually doing intermittent fasting but I would do it over and over again and I do hard for a month working out and then I would take like three months off you know I mean it was it was terrible what changed for me was when I made it a habit and when I changed my mindset to make it a habit so I said I am going to do this first of all I have to do this for my babies right my daughter especially I didn’t want her to to become my former self right I didn’t want her to have the fat shame you know all the things that I’ve gone through throughout my life so I said I have to to make make work now and exercising a habit for me so I started going at 5: 30 in the morning every morning and it was a struggle and I had friends that were coming with me at first and then they fell off and so I wanted to fall off because they did but then I kept looking at her and I kept thinking and she was already getting higher and higher on those percentiles things that you know you get at the doctor’s office and I said I cannot do that I can’t I can’t be this person for her I can’t I can’t show her that it’s okay to continue to gain weight and that coz because you know there’s so many health issues with it and I just didn’t want her to go through that I never I didn’t have a ton of health issues but who knows what could have come with her you know so I needed to change those things do you suggest working out during your fast and any time that is convenient I actually do work out during my fast so you know when I when I’m doing the 16 8 and intermittent fasting so I’m not meaning that I am fasting for 16 hours a day and then eating you know am I having my meals during the eight hours a day I still work out I don’t necessarily change my workout schedule based on my fast even when I’m done like 24 hour fast and I’m going to try I think a 48 hour fast here coming up but even when I do those because I was working out when I was in the Master Cleanse also I spent a minimum of an hour but yeah I was I was working out even during the Master Cleanse I’m sorry is it Simon or seem odd but I don’t want to say your name wrong I apologize I said hey people mess with my name all the time when do you workout videos for the arms and I get I think I got it I get on the treadmill for two miles I drink my protein shake after is that ok or is it before or is it better before I do my protein shakes after as well some folks say that it’s better to eat and have nutrients before hand but for me I find that having my having my meals afterwards works so much better for me and having my protein so I having my protein afterwards works so much better for me I find that I burn more fat on empty stomach than I do if I’ve eaten before I work out plus I’m more sluggish if I eat before I work out I like it workouts but I have a lot of inflammation bad plantar fasciitis oh me too and my feet and carpal some carpal and cubital tunnel in my wrists and elbows there is no modification for push ups burpees or jumping oh I know I know exactly how you feel I have I have plantar fasciitis and I have arthritis in both my knees and so it is a it is a real struggle those situations to work out and so that’s why I try and put the modifications in the in the hit workouts that I do but you’re right there is no matter well the only modification for push ups like on the wall but honestly I think the modification for things shoot let me get that yes I think the modifications for push ups and things like that it’s just gonna have to be like done but dumbbells laying against the ball like leaning against the ball and lifting the dumbbell up you know against stability ball or something like that or on or on a weak bench those are the only things that I can think up to modify a push up cuz you’re still getting your chest you still get your arms in there any tips on starting Kido I’ve been trying to stay consistent for months but soon as I mess up I just give up it is so easy to give up when we’re we’re on our way to Oz journey we give up so many times we just have to jump back on it don’t give up tips for staying on keto you know what Pete okay Oz and I and she’s actually on this chat right now together we did a QA on you know how to push through it right weight loss secrets and we’re likely going to do some more collaborations because it’s we enjoyed it and we think it helped folks but I would say that the tips that I have on staying staying keto is stick to it for seven days first you know try seven days at least because that and during those seven days a lot of times you’ll get past like the keto flu you’ll get past with other stuff you’ll get past kind of the additional hunger and the cravings and things like that include salt like Himalayan salt into your diet include apple cider vinegar shots into your into your into your diet as well those things will actually help you with the hunger and it help you to ensure that your nutrients are being absorbed by your body and then have bigger meals so that you’re not as hungry and just avoid you know the the carbs like the plague if you can those are things that I’ve always done Simon Ruby she wrote how do you find out about keto how did you find out about keto I actually found out about keto from my friend Nadia she has a lot of keto or she was she was doing ideal protein and I didn’t want to spend that kind of money so she was just she sent me a video and I kind of looked at it and I started googling and looking at more nation on keto and I was like oh that’s just low carbs and I just kind of did my own I never did macros or anything I’ve never counted macros really I really only I look at my carbs but I don’t necessarily track them if that makes sense not for the whole day I kind of keep it in my head I’ve always been able to do that I’m an engineer by trade guys I don’t think I’ve ever told you guys that so I automatically I guess I do kind of track it but in my head not necessarily kind of writing it down or watching what each meal has I’ll kind of look engage over time just kind of keeping my head over time also guys a lot of keto chaos Tami my friend she gives a lot of good information on her channel about keto as well so definitely um tune in there she gets tons of she’s lost 140 pounds on keto so far use any apple cider in your water I don’t do apple cider in my water you know what I actually do is I take a shot of apple cider vinegar so I have this little this I guess it’s not really a shot glass a little bigger than a shot glass you probably drink bourbon out of it and I put probably a shots worth about what cider vinegar in there and I also add curcumin a couple of drips of cayenne pepper and some cream of tartar I know it sounds weird right and I throw some water in there too filled a cup of and then I just down it and I do that every night before I would have it and it really helps me kind of digest my food it helps with absorbing nutrients it helps with any night’s nighttime cravings all that stuff how much water do I take in so you guys will see me constant drinking water this is my massive I mean it’s here it’s always with me this has 50 ounces it’s a 48 ounce bottle but I fill it all the way up to the brim so it’s got 50 ounces of water in there I always I tell folks try this like try and get the biggest bottle you can so you’ll drink that all down and then you’ll you’ll finish your water everyday I drink about 150 ounces of water every day I know it’s a lot I’m a water killer and what’s crazy is because I started off drinking that much because I weighed over 300 pounds and I I’m a firm believer of drinking half your body weight in water and so I drank half my body weight which was at the time at three hundred and nearly three hundred thirty pounds I was drinking 165 ounce of water a day that’s when I started right and then slowly I kind of went down about 150 but yeah I still drink about 150 ounce of water I didn’t I didn’t go any lower I find that if I don’t drink the water I get extra thirsty now I think I think my body’s adapted and now it needs more water but the cool thing is that when I over drink water like I turned too much water sometimes especially after a cheat day like if I have a bad day like I’ve eaten too much too much or too many I’ve had some carbs you know sushi sweet potato fries just some things that I shouldn’t have been having if I drink excess water so I’ll drink about 200 outs 180 to 200 ounces of water that day I actually usually everything flushes through my system and I just dropped the weight back so it’s you know that’s a good thing right texting me I guess so no problem any other questions I don’t know how long these things are supposed to last this is my first one guys thank you guys so much for sticking with me through this first Q&A session cuz I sound like a bumbling fool because I don’t I don’t know how to use it I’ve done lied before for some reason it didn’t like the camera didn’t work nothing was working for me when I first started so how much more are you trying to lose I’m trying to lose another 39 pounds sorry I got really excited when I said 39 pounds because I’ve never had less than 40 pounds to lose in my life like an eight years old I weighed 135 pounds and at that point I had 60 pounds lose or something like that so so I’ve never had less than 40 pounds to lose in my entire life so like I am ecstatic having just 40 pounds less than 40 sorry thirty nine point eight pounds looking to get to 175 how are we doing diet bit o diet that so getting back to diverse thanks for asking that question um so the way it works is I’ll put the link in here and I have the link everywhere it’s in it’s in my last video as well you click on diet bets and here’s how it works this is the coolest thing the world so I I used challenges to help me lose weight I I was doing sorry I had a challenge at my gym and it was like a 60 day challenge or something like that and I lost 37 pounds the first challenge and then I did another one I lost 17 pounds and so it was like those challenges helped to push me but I didn’t gain the weight after the challenge what I did was I had a transition plan to slowly come off and just maintain and then have another challenge to drop weight again so that’s kind of what I did all the time and I thought man it may be really cool to have a challenge for my friends here for my team and you know help them drop the weight so I’m looking to support you guys during this challenge so here’s how diet bets works right you pay 30 dollars to join the diet bed and let’s say we get you know 50 people join our diet that’s challenged every of all 50 people that pay thirty dollars then you lose 4 percent of your weight so that means if you currently weigh 200 pounds let’s say let’s say you currently weight 300 pounds right then you have to lose 12 pounds during the month of February so that means 3 pounds a week right that’s totally achievable especially since I’m gonna give you guys a meal on eating sorry a meal guide as well as I’ll be putting up workouts every week and we’ll be talking through the forum the cool thing about diet FETs is it has its own forum so if you don’t have facebook instagram and you’re not on every day you can go to the diet vets forum and ask your questions and talk about what you ate today and all that stuff and we can do it right there but anyway so let’s say 50 people join that pot right that means 50 people don’t join the guy that’s a $30 each that means the dietbet spot is $1,500 right then after the event is over after the month is over sorry we split everybody who wins meaning everybody who gets 4% weight loss gets to split the diet bets amongst everyone everyone who won right so I got so I just actually finished a diet that’s challenge and I’m I’m splitting the 4% with everybody everyone else that was in challenge this one was a really high stakes one but but for ours we’ll be splitting it and let’s say 25 people win that means that that $1,500 pocket split between 25 people that means we’ll each get 6 yards there so we got paid to lose weight how cool is that can you do a video next on what you eat in a day so I can see what your foods look like I’m moderate fat yes I do would I eat in a day Kido I haven’t what I eat in a day keto and intermittent fasting together but I plan on doing two more and I actually already have everything tape I just have to edit it and get it out here but it’s I have to up two more tape one is what I eaten day when I first started my weight loss journey because I’ve had a lot of questions about that and then I’ll also do a what I eat in a day Kido I hope I’m not like just disturbed and everything when I’m touching the screen sorry and I will I can put my macros on me I’ll put my macros on what I eat and Aikido I’ll try and find them actually you know I can do it I’ll put it in the lose it at and then I’ll just be able to get my macros from that but so yeah it’s what I have two of them tape what I eat in a day keto and what I eat in a day when I first started my weight loss journey you post pics of you on the scale and pigs thank you Thank You Sammy Sammy was uh I guess someone had asked and I must have that how do we join the bet dietbet so when you click on the link you you pay through Pay. Pal you pay the $30 through Pay. Pal and then they’re gonna send you an email it says time to weigh in and so or you can make baby weighing right then actually now at this point that’s where a date is where the challenge starts you can weigh in now so what you’ll do is they’ll send you they’ll show you a word because every day has its own word each person has their own word so to send you a word like jump or something like that whatever the word is and you’ll write the word on a piece of paper and put it underneath the scale and then you’ll stand on the scale and take a picture of you on the scale with that word under there and then you’ll need somebody to next to you or I actually set the timer to do it to take a full body picture of yourself standing on the scale and then you just upload those right through your phone and you’re in the challenge Rebecca writes sorry Rebecca wrote it would be good to have the group in a chat of what’s that for those that don’t have Facebook Instagram and all that well that’s thing on diet that’s my diet that’s that’s exactly what you have died on the diet that’s at the group would have a chat so that’s why I thought this would be a cool thing that to do diet bets as opposed to you know some of the weight loss challenge that that I did before where you know folks are on Facebook some folks on Instagram and I was like oh I need one area that everyone can talk and and folks can have feedback to each other and you know those those sorts of things and diet that’s just made so much sense and and also I couldn’t believe you can get paid to lose weight I was like are you kidding me so I can lose weight and I can make money from it just I wish I knew that the whole hundred pounds cuz it’s hoping it done that because my weight loss challenges only one winner the ones that I did at my gym but this everyone can be a winner I’m like that is the coolest thing in the world so anyone can win so I can win by this my person and then she can win by losing hard 4% so it’s not like your it’s not like you’re competing against each other you’re competing against one person you and on top of that you’re betting on yourself so you’re showing that you believe in your so I think it’s the coolest thing in the world Oh will I do another video with next steps on the diet that’s the diet best challenge starts tomorrow tikka so so what you all you need to do is click the diet vets link and it’s gonna be the link will be in is in every video so if you look at my last video you’ll see the link to diet vets and I wonder if these I don’t know these comments come up in the comments of this Q&A I’m not sure how that works if it does I’ll just send you put the link right to you or just comment on one of my other videos right now and I’ll send you the link to the diet vets challenge and you just click on it and and you can go ahead and join and what out do they do disappear okay so yeah so yeah put it put a thanks hear me yeah so to me if you put a comment on another one of my other videos and I’ll just send you the link to the diet Pepsi challenge and it’s in the description of all my other videos and then I think you’re right I think it’ll be a good idea to go ahead and just kind of put a how to on there for the diet best challenge I gotta figure out how to deal with I guess I could just take a video of my phone I know I wish I was more tech savvy like I wish I knew how to like show my phone on the camera without like having another camera look at it but I don’t know how to do that yeah I probably could google it oh my gosh that’s embarrassing so I’ll try and I’ll try and google it and get a video of me joining the challenge so that you guys can see the step by step and I’ll try and get that out tonight if I can so sorry I’m sitting here drinking tea while I’m talking all right I’ll see you in the diet vets Tamika so yeah I’m so excited about it remember the dietbet starts tomorrow guys so February 1st is the start and I offense that day is kind of special for me because that was my first the day that I did my first big weight loss challenge last year it was February 1st and I’ll show you guys I’m sure you’ve seen the picture but you’ll see me like standing straight and then to the side and to the back and that was me it I think something like tune up 290 or 290 95 pounds starting my first weight loss challenge and I lost 37 pounds it was a 60 day challenge it wasn’t 30 day goodness it was a 60 day challenge but you know I lost 37 pounds and and it was I mean it helped to change things for me it made me see that I could get below a certain number that I hadn’t been in so long and so it made me feel like I’d keep going and also I started seeing changes like I’m like oh my stomach flatten didn’t oh my gosh some of the rolls my back went away and you know just some of those things make me want to keep pushing cuz I’m like this is crazy like I’m seeing some major results and then other things like really happy so so many changes I mean it was it was insane just the things I could do my knees were better we’re feeling a lot better my feet were so I mean it’s a huge change bye Tammy thank you so much for helping answer a lot of those questions for me and guys please check out Tammy’s page at keto KS she is awesome a great person and she again she lost 140 pounds doing uh doing cheat on keto so any other questions guys I don’t want to leave you you guys have any other questions or any that I missed cuz I hate when I miss questions I’m I wish I was a better reader a faster reader Oh awesome Rebecca you subscribe to keto chaos so cool so diet that is during the month of February yes February 1st 2018 through yes very first through 28th yes the month of February yeah and Rebecca join our join our um the diet best challenge I think you all think you and I think you I think you’ll enjoy it did you answer any about loose skin loose skin I haven’t answered questions about loose skin what questions you have about loose skin do I have it I do I’ve got loose skin how do you join a diet that’s challenge the link is in the description comment on one of my other videos and I’ll send you the link and I’m trying to put together an actual how to tonight but it’s it’s fairly simple I’m it’s fairly simple to do the diet let’s challenge all you have to do is you know you pay the $30 on Pay. Pal and then you literally just need a piece of paper where you’re gonna write a certain word but at guides you through the process you write a word you take you take a picture yourself on the scale with a word under it and then you take a picture of yourself someone takes a picture of you standing on the scale and you’re gonna be close usually we pictures but usually we’re on the scale never we want I’m extremely inspired by you oh thank you keep doing what you’re doing and you help the world oh that is so sweet feel boys thank you so much loose skin let me see paid Friday oh I think you can join on Friday to Rebecca I think that we have seven days after the challenge starts to still join so but the app will totally tell you everything you need to know it’s so easy but I’m gonna what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna try and create a how to if I can Tony Tony I think Tony Roxanne do you have an idea about what you would do about the extra skin so Tony my extra skin I was sorry I was talking about that is in my lowest lower stomach and so it’s I’m gonna see if hopefully I can get get it taken off like I want to get all the way down first I’m going to get 175 before I do that but yeah it’s it’s just there I have a little bit I believe under my arms but to me I don’t think it’s enough to like go and do a full like skin removal all over the body and the way loose skin works is not everyone gets it it honestly is hereditary I think if your mom if your mom or your dad has lost any weight and has a loose skin or maybe your mom has kind of loose skin it from having bit from being pregnant or if you have loose skin from being pregnant then you’ll probably get loose skin from losing weight but the way I see it is is it more important I mean isn’t it better to lose the weight anyways like I’d rather have all the loose skin in the world and feel healthier and feel better about myself then you know be the way that I was with a lot less loose skin so so yeah I mean loose skin is an issue for for many of us there’s some things that everyone tries to do I heard that essential oils helps I’ve heard that beef collagen helps and and I’m ready to try it all but in the end you know you might have to end up getting you know skin removal surgery or just dealing with it I know that obese to be sky and he just deals with it so you know it just depends on how much it affects your body right cuz and we’re we’re a hundred pound 20 50 pounds overweight depending on your height at least you may not have the insane skin to wear is causing rashes and things I have some especially under my stomach but you know some people don’t have that level of it so I mean it just depends on how your body reacts to the weight loss a Jones writes when you started keto did you start at twenty carbs you may have mentioned it but I missed it I’m sorry oh no no problem I did start at around 20 to 30 cards actually I’ve never out I ever went as low as like 15 to 20 carbs actually I think 25 was probably where I started at 25 to 30 and the reason why is because I never stopped working out like when I first started keto my friend was on Ideal Protein and I was doing my own just keto cuz I was just like oh well I think I can do this on my own without doing Ideal Protein because that’s really expensive and I don’t like to spend money simple so I did just did my own keto version but I deal with protein it told her not to work out because she was gonna be eating a lot lots of proteins and she was gonna lean out but they said you know working out wasn’t didn’t work well for it for my dual protein but I still worked out and because I worked out sometimes I did have up to 30 carbs when I first started out and even now I’ll do like 30 cars when I’m in Quito Shaniqua right what is intermittent fasting intermittent fasting sorry intermittent fasting is when you when you eat for a certain period of time and then fast for a certain period of time and it can be some people do it for four days at a time like they’ll go every three days they’ll go to do a 24 hour fast for me I do it during the day so I spend 16 hours of the day not eating so that’s fact fasting obviously sorry and then eight hours of the day where I have all my meals so for me I go from 8: 00 p. m. till noon pretty much every day sometimes I’ll do a 7: 00 p. m. to 11: 00 a. m. but same thing right of fasting so that means that all I had is water and sometimes I’ll do Quito coffee while I fast but then during the from 11 a. m.

People make fasting more complicated than it needs to be. We believe in keeping it simple and seeing results – you can always experiment after that. If you’re new here make sure and take a look at our free audiobook offer Eat Stop Eat Making Fasting Simple Again (And Seeing Real Results).

to 7 p. m. is when I’ll have all my meals so excuse me sorry I’ll have my you know two meals or three meals if I decide to that day during those eight hours and what it does I’m sorry about that what it does is during those inner during that intermittent fasting time it allows your body to process all of your food you want to definitely continue drinking water during that time because you don’t want to get dehydrated obviously but then also it’s just the water helps the body to process that food you can also put a little lemon in your water and that’ll help it even more lemon or lime I believe lime helps to cleanse the liver a little bit so it’s just gonna help your organs and body work properly to process all all the food that you’ve eaten eaten so intermittent fasting it’s really well for the body and she’s she always yeah every night after she’s gotten a shower she’s gotten dressed she always gets up and says Oh whichever one of us is upstairs she has to give the other one a hug kiss so she has to come downstairs to make sure she does that again so that happens any other questions guys anything else I can help you with I think I’m gonna do these lives a little more hopefully better next time so this isn’t gonna be our only lie also remember just comment on one of my videos and I’ll respond back with the diet vets link and then today tonight I’m going to try and put together a diet that’s how to hopefully it’ll be good thanks for explaining can you explain what keto is I’m new to this okay and then I’ve been doing a fasting for four days no already losing weight awesome Briana already losing weight after four days that is awesome and I believe it because it’s it’s so good for the body I mean internet fast and really helps you process all your food we don’t take the time to digest our food you know and then Quito I’m gonna explain that in a second Tony writes I saw your video that you have less than 40 pounds to lose Congrats thank you so much I’m so excited I can’t believe I have lessons and you are gonna reach that point your attorney join the diet best Tony I’m telling you it’s gonna be I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun these these challenges have really helped me and I think and we’re gonna support each other in this diet that’s because we had that one stop shop right that one area in diet that’s that one form that we can all chat back and forth so keto so I’m going to ask what is Kido Kido is Lokar keto classically right is low carbs under 20 carbs carbohydrates a day moderate protein and I believe that’s around 20% of your intake is protein a day and then high fats 70% of you of the calories that you take in comes from fat each day and so that is how keto traditionally works i dou P dou slightly differently and I’m gonna do a whole video on this so but the way I do keto is I actually do carbs because I work out so heavy I actually don’t go as low as 20 actually I’m around 30 cards a day just because sometimes because I work out I tend to have an additional protein shake in there and so that actually gets me up on the carbs and then I do higher protein so my proteins I would guess are about 50% 40 to 50 percent and then I do moderate fat so I my fat is probably in the forty percent range that’s my guess I don’t fully know because I don’t really do macros all the way but I state my my fats come from coconut oil well olives I get dollars coconut oils olive oil things like that and then avocados not as much fat coming from from like the turkey that I eaten I don’t eat proper beef so Tony talking about intermittent fasting was it a challenge at first I started last week and I’m still getting used to it my trouble is my stop time which is 8 p. m. I sometimes find myself eating after that any suggestions so in fasting can be tough at first frankly sometimes I just get in the bed I can’t get the bed at 8 o’clock but 8 o’clock is usually the time that we start getting the kids to bed so that stops them from eating then and then a good trick is to brush your teeth or have some gum or something like that that’s gonna take the taste away so you’re not gonna want to eat anything after you do it another trick is tons of water or tea you know that’s not sons of water or tea but I drink a lot of tea at night and that helps car curb Matt say and also apple cider vinegar like I’ve mentioned earlier I take a shot of apple cider vinegar every night before I go to bed and that shot of apple cider vinegar actually helps to curb my appetite as well so those are some of the tips that I use in the morning though to get all the way to 12 p. m. not eating a lot of times I’ll do coffee I do the keto coffee still some people don’t ingest that during during their fasting I do which is the keto coffee but then others just do like black coffee which is you know just as good Rhona and counting carbs do you monitor total carbs or net carbs I’ve always done total cards but I’ve heard of people losing weight doing net carbs too when you net net carbs that means you’re gonna take in and obviously a lot more carbs and and it’s honestly in my opinion it’s probably slightly easier to stick to so it might be good to start off with the net carbs right because then you can if you want net carbs a day could actually be almost equivalent to something like 40 regular carbs a day you know 40 total carbs a day so it might actually be a good idea to try to start off with net carbs BT yes you know what so I’ve been I’ve started trying this whole like these the the teeny blend people I’ve heard him before because somebody used to advertise him so I’ve tried it before and I tried like their detox and their colon cleanse it actually worked a little bit for me it helped me to detox I didn’t necessarily lose any weight on it but it definitely helped me detox and so they reached out to me so I figured I try I’ve been trying to move away from coffee and so I got there alive tea and I’m sorry I got their focus tea and their prophet tea and so I’m drinking this tea called prophet and it doesn’t it’s not the greatest tasting tea but it tastes like every other you know it tastes like like a regular kind of black tea but it’s supposed to help your immune system and it’s also supposed to help you to kind of wean off of coffee it’s how focus helps you it gives you some natural caffeine so that might be a good option for you too thank you for doing this live chat it was so needed oh thank you Tony thank you so much I hope I’m saying your name right because like I said he would get my name wrong all the time so I hate getting other people’s names wrong so I’ll try not to so yeah I will you know today hopefully I’m gonna ask my husband how to do it I’m sure he can he’ll know how to do it try and get my phone too to tape tape my screens on my phone so I can other than just like a obviously the obvious or a normal kind of screen screen print or whatever I can’t think of the word but anyways I’m gonna try and I’m trying to do the show the diet Miko through the process of the diet that’s challenged so that I’ll be able to show you guys the process and I’ll just upload that video late tonight or early tomorrow so guys I’m gonna I’m gonna head out because my phone battery’s at like 10% so I didn’t expect to be on this long I thought it would be actually shorter but I think that everything I was doing so Oh tani thank you Tony I am so sorry see again and I kept saying Tony oh gosh thank you Tony okay and I shouldn’t know that one of my closest friends names it’s time it’s Connie and it’s so just like that so I’m very sorry um alright so thank you guys so much for joining I’m gonna on post that video tonight hopefully if not I’m still gonna add I’m still gonna send you guys the links if you just comment on another of my videos I’ll send you the link to the diet vets and and we’ll go from there but I think it was really cool to join us but especially if we can get paid to lose weight that is out of control you know even if we don’t make I mean even if we don’t make any additional money if we all lose the 4% how much cooler is that you know that all of us look lost the 4% and that means that we’re really going for it and we’re really supporting each other so I think that’ll be just as cool so um but and but I believe that we can all do it I believe we’ll all lose the 4% so let’s do this guy’s I’m gonna put the diet bets link in here and we’re gonna all join the diet best challenge and we’re gonna I’m gonna keep going and I’m gonna keep running these challenges too because I think they’re so helpful for us to get healthy together so I’ll see you guys later I’ll talk to you soon thanks so much guys for joining and I’ll see you in the comments all right take care..

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  2. You should look into natural medicines but they only work if u take them the milli-second u start to feel bad. Some suggestions are Oil of Oregano and/or Echinacea. The taste is terrible but is completely safe & really works.


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