Best Way To Fast For Weight Loss?

Best Way To Fast For Weight Loss?

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the best Intermittent fasting protocol for weight loss?? what’s up guys it’s your boy Matty, Matt from Macro Lean and in this video I’m gonna be talking about the best Intermittent Fasting protocol for weight loss. but before we get into that video if you’ve just arrived to the Macro Lean channel welcome, welcome to the tribe… but I’m just gonna suggest a little suggestion that you smash that big red subscribe button and that Bell button get notified every time I drop new content, mixing it in, and new videos. but let’s get into this topic because this is an important one right! A lot of people are tracking their macros, tracking their calories they’ve come across Macro Lean, they’ve heard about me waffling on about intermittent fasting.

People make fasting more complicated than it needs to be. We believe in keeping it simple and seeing results – you can always experiment after that. If you’re new here make sure and take a look at our free audiobook offer Eat Stop Eat Making Fasting Simple Again (And Seeing Real Results).

like “I need to do intermittent fasting but what’s the best approach?” is it 16/8? is it 18/6? couldn’t remember that there, is it 20/4? there’s many different approaches… the bottom line is there is NO best approach because what matters before fasting is hitting the right amount of calories and macros before the day is out. Now fasting makes that so much easier that’s why I fast, that’s why I advise all my clients to fast. Because when you need to lose body fat and lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit with a good ratio of macros simple as that. No getting around it! Now if you reduce your calories straight away right off the bat and you’re eating breakfast, you’re going to notice that reduction in calories. It’s gonna be grittier, it’s gonna be harder. But if you start intermittent fasting, pushing that first meal back to midday or even later or whatever. I fast normally for 18 20 hours a day.

You’re gonna enjoy your calories and macros more in the evening, afternoon or whatever. What does that mean? That means you finish the day more satisfied, it makes the calorie deficit easier. So as a rule of thumb I’ll advise doing at least a 16/ 8. 16 hours fasting, eight hours eating window. But that being said if you have to break your fast a bit earlier to make sure you hit your calories and macros you can do that too.

There’s no magic number! Don’t get into your head 16 hours is the golden number or 18 hours or 20 hours or whatever. All that matters is hitting your calories and macros before the day is out. In line with your calorie deficit and a good amount of protein, fats and carbs. And using intermittent fasting as a tool, as an application to make that calorie deficit easier. Yes there are good tag on health benefits when doing any type of intermittent fasting. Increased human growth, autophagey, , using body for fuel in the fasting window. But really most of you want to lose body fat, lose weight and how do we lose weight? calorie deficit and track your macros and have tools like intermittent fasting to make it easier.

So the best approach, the best protocol for fasting and for weight loss is the one that makes your calorie deficit easier. If 16 hours is good for you and 8 hours eating is good for you then do that. If 20 hours of fasting is good for you and 4 hours of eating is good for you? do that! All that matters is by the end of the day, have you hit your calories and macros and if you have with consistency you are going to get results. But let me know your thoughts in the comments below guys.

What type of intermittent fasting protocol are you using in conjunction with tracking your macros to get results? Let me know in the comments below and if you like this video you can hit like, share, subscribe until next time: ..

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  1. Do you reccomend working out Fasted? I work 7-4 so wouldnt be able to workout until 5PM, Do you reccomend fasting 20/4 or doing 16/8 and eating from lunch time/1pm?

    Thanks – Found your videos very imformative and easily digestible

  2. I already do intermittent fasting for now nearly 9 months I mix it on my day but I’m 20 fast 4 hour eating but flexible if a big party on. I did 6 weeks what is known as snake diet online to shift my excess fat which involved one 48 hour fast (allowed water with sodium potassium but I had herbal teas and black coffee) followed by rest of week 20 hour fast did for six weeks as well as eating fresh healthy foods plus odd treat. I shed 2stone in 6 weeks but then went to 20 hour fast . I do throw in every few months a 48 fast or go holiday and need to get bit off I fast 48.
    What’s the longest Matt have you fasted ? Think I seen on video was 36 hours?


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