4 Biggest Intermittent Fasting Mistakes | Full Day Of Eating

4 Biggest Intermittent Fasting Mistakes | Full Day Of Eating

Avoid these 4 big mistakes that a lot of people make when first starting intermittent fasting.

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  1. I just started intermittent fasting and these tips are extremely useful, especially the “don’t obsess over the clock” one, that’s exactly what I was doing, lol

  2. Dude I am IF right now and the fat is melting off! Two weeks and I’m finally used to it, i was blown away how my hunger at breakfast and lunch was just because of a routine and not real hunger.

    I am doing 16 to 19 hours and feel great. And when I eat it is such a feeling of blessing it is almost spiritual.
    Peace great video man!

  3. Nice vid man. My little brother is tryna lose weight and since I used to have the same problem, I’m trying to help him out. The big brother gotta help the little bro lol.

  4. It’s so sweet how you try to act surprised hahahaha! Good job, very usefull. I was a victim of the mistake number 2 🙂

  5. Yo Muchachos!

    I’m coming at you from the future and after revising this video I must admit, It a little drawn out. To save you guys some time here are the 4 fasting mistakes I talked about in the video.

    #1 Not giving yourself enough time to adapt to intermittent fasting
    #2 Obsessing over the clock and your eating window
    #3 Eating too much junk ( The irony because my diet was horrible in this video )
    #4 Thinking IF is magical and will solve all your problems

    Thanks for clicking into the video and I wish you the best of luck in your intermittent fasting journey. Peace


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