3 Intermittent Fasting Fat Burning Tips

3 Intermittent Fasting Fat Burning Tips

Fat burning tips for intermittent fasting. I breakdown 3 things you can do to assist you in burning fat when intermittent fasting. Sometimes you can be doing everything right but you are not being the most efficient in tackling you body fat specifically. These tips are to show you that yes there are more things that you can do to tackle body fat while utilizing intermittent fasting. Enjoy

People make fasting more complicated than it needs to be. We believe in keeping it simple and seeing results – you can always experiment after that. If you’re new here make sure and take a look at our free audiobook offer Eat Stop Eat Making Fasting Simple Again (And Seeing Real Results).

* I’m not a nutritionist nor am I a doctor all information given has been gathered by personal experience and information that I researched and compiled over the years. Always consult a physician before starting a new diet, eating regiment, or workout plan.

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what is going on how for is this your boy Edward VIII and when you do intermittent fasting do you feel that you’re not doing enough and then you feel that you’re not burning body fat as effectively as possible that maybe there are a few more things that you can do to assist you with the inner end of fasting protocol in this video I’m going to give you three tips that you may or may not have known about but it can definitely assist you when doing intermittent fasting to burn more body fat stay tuned let’s jump right into it the first tip that I’m gonna give you guys to assist you in body fat burning when intermittent fasting is to do more compound exercises the thing is you want to make your body as anabolic as possible you want to fuel or use as much muscle as you can there’s only a certain amount of hours throughout the day there’s only a certain amount of minutes throughout an hour when you do compound exercises you tackle so many different muscle groups at the same time so you’re basically compounding your workout when it comes to building muscle good compound exercises are pull ups for example pull ups tackle your back your chest your arms your core those things happen because you’re doing pull ups probably the best and most compound of all the compound exercises is the deadlift the deadlift tackles your arms your shoulders your forearms your back your legs your calves they tackle so many muscle groups within that same movement so you’re basically tackling more muscle in a shorter amount of time and more muscle you build the more your body has to fuel your muscle so you force your body to bring in those calories to give it to your muscles as opposed to giving it to your body fat on top of the fact that if you do intermittent fasting and your insulin is low you’re doubling up that effect and you’re starving your body fat storage system as much as you can remember your body is a safety first mechanism body fat storage is designed as a safety mechanism it is there to ensure that you have something if you’re stranded on an island for example your body fat is what can save your life until somebody comes and it rescues you but if you constantly send signals to your body to release your body fat by keeping your insulin low as well as utilise the calories that come in for your muscles then you will be putting the calories that are being stored at a much larger deficit because you’re creating all these scenarios that reduce the calories towards your body fat and release the calories from your body fat and in that aspect it is a numbers game so basically the more muscle you work on the more muscle you build during the given moments that you’re in the gym will increase the distribution of your calories to further fuel all of the muscle groups that you’re utilized plus it sends the signals to your brain to maintain muscle now let’s move on to number two now number two may psych you out a little bit or confuse you drink more water that’s number two but I understand a lot of people gonna say hey wait wait wait wait if you drink more water all that does is wash out the water and that’s water weight not body fat that is true it does wash out the water in your body and that does contribute to water weight reduction when you step on the scale but it does also help with body fat and not even just because of that aspect it’s because of your liver your liver is actually a fat processing organ in your body and what helps your liver function better is water water actually assist your liver to be as effective as possible and when that happens it can be effective in processing fat so that it can burn it much much faster so not only does water reduce your weight in terms of water weight from the sodium that can cause glycogen storage it also assists your liver and being more effective when it’s doing its fat processing how do you know if you’re drinking enough water a lot of people say hey drink eight glasses or drink you know a gallon or whatever it is per day the best way to know if your specific body is drinking enough water is basically by the color of your urine when you pee into the toilet bowl make sure to really pay attention to what you’re seeing there if you see like a light yellow a very clear then that means that you are drinking enough water if you see a really dark dark color of yellow then that means you may be a little bit dehydrated and you’re gonna have to add a little bit more water throughout the day so I know that’s a little bit trippy but water helps in both aspects water weight and body fat burning’ let’s move on to number three number three is sleep more yes get more sleep in the more sleep you get the better your body is even for your metabolism for just processing food for breaking it down doing things quicker if you lack sleep a lot of things happen that can affect you things like your cortisol going up stress level going up and those things affect you from actually keeping your insulin down burning body fat things like that those things can raise your insulin so you want to make sure you’re being as relaxed as possible and getting at least you know minimum of seven hours of sleep it would greatly help you in the long run as it will put you more at ease and the more stress free you are the better it is for body fat burning and I’m gonna give you a bonus one guys and the bonus one is stop looking at the scale every day one thing you can do with the scale is maybe maybe look at it once a week but the better thing to do is actually once a month so much fluctuation as so much movement happens with water going into your body washing out glycogen storage water washing out your glycogen sodium increasing water retention and all these things can move your weight within like five to ten pounds on any given day every given week so I would suggest to use the scale once a month when when the deficit of body fat burning is so deep that you will notice a weight reduction on the scale regardless of all the fluctuations in your body and the point of this is that a lot of people attach their happiness for their day on that scale they get up in the morning they get on that scale they’re like hoping and praying that it’s gonna be a certain weight and when they realize that it’s like completely off and it’s way higher than what they thought it would be and they thought that they were on the right track that can completely shatter somebody for the day and then they’re like stressed out the rest of the day and when you’re stressed out remember record as all levels go higher and then that doesn’t assist you in body fat burning you want to be as stress free as possible understanding that the scale means so much more than just body fat it entails so much more than just body fat can definitely assist you if you don’t even want to worry about that don’t use the scale until at least like a month every month get on the scale and see what your monthly weight is that’s something that you can definitely do I would recommend to focus more on your body composition your body composition is much more important than just the scale because the scale is just oversimplifying body fat loss because it’s more than just that on that scale things that let you know that you’re losing weight clothing that didn’t fit you a month ago fits you now just simply looking in the mirror and seeing certain striations in your body that you didn’t see before like little dips like in where your rib area is in your abdominal area you know your arms things like that that you didn’t notice before looking at your face in the mirror and noticing a slimmer look or much more chiseled look the holes on your belt like how far are you going now did you go from three and now you’re at like five and it feels comfortable those things will let you know that you’re losing body fat your composition will start to change use that take pictures of yourself look at the picture from one week to the other and compare and contrast those are the things that will show you that you’re actually losing body fat that you’re actually burning body fat and it will be much more motivating than something like a scale that’s gonna tell you hey you just gained five pounds last night what happened and then in your mind you’re just gonna attach that number to yourself and say hey this is me failing my diet but in reality you probably ate something very salty you probably ate out a lot of times you eat out there’s a lot of salty foods and restaurants sodium increases water retention so then you hold onto a lot of water and when you get on the scale you weigh more so being stress free is extremely important and that your body fluctuates so much throughout the day throughout the week that I would recommend not even using the scale till at least a month after thirty days go ahead and check the scale see how much you weigh and I guarantee you if you’re doing all of these things as well as incorporating intermittent fasting it will definitely benefit you now I want to thank my patrons for my patreon I’m gonna put the names right up here and I’ll see you guys on Sunday for another FAQ pace ..

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  1. You are such an excellent teacher, you make it look simple and easy to remember, may the Almighty GOD continue to bless you with more knowledge in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST.

  2. Oh ya and…if I blend half of the inside of a lemon in my water..does that still count as breaking my fast because of the fiber?

  3. Lost 30lbs and went from 280 to 250 and my weight stagnated. Then i took out the carbs and went down to 230 and it stagnated again. I am going to increase the compound workouts and see if that works. My goal is to hit 180lbs

  4. I just wanted to personally thank you for your videos you’ve not only inspired me to lose 46lbs. You’ve also inspired me to make my own video on exactly how I did it using your channel. Thank you so much for morivating me to change my life! I went from a 1X to a Medium!!! Please be sure to keep doing what you do! Im so grateful for your channel! nobody explains intermittent fasting as well as you!

  5. Your videos have helped me so much. I’ve lost 45 lbs and I look and feel so much better because I used your techniques to lose fat fast. Thank you!

  6. Hi Edward,I finally started 24hours intermittent fasting my last meals have been at 5am so there is no more eating until the next morning at 5am. I’m eating clean and drinking nothing but water. THANK YOU SO MUCH, YOU ARE VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE, IF I WOULD’VE BEEN SCARED TO TRY THIS EATING PATTERN, I WOULD HAVE NOT KNOWN WHAT YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT! I’M A FAT FAT AND NOW I’AM IN CONTROL WHAT GOES IN MY MOUTH.
    Peace Queen Signing Off!

  7. Na fam need to look at the scale every day because that is my motivation but with me I work out about 6 to 7 days out the week so I lose about 2 and a half pounds a day. Brooklyn all day and as well as you


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